It feels like they have a set gameplan and refuse to deviate from it from Nanlina's blog

I vow madden CPU's have no IQ when it comes to Madden nfl 20 coins calling timeouts

You would think by now Madden CPU would have more detail programming to get game-time situations, rather than a"hustle when down 17 or less inside of 1:01, otherwise perform generally" scripted light change and that's it. As if soccer isn't complicated in the quarter. It strikes me when I'm only up 1pt and they utilize that strategy from the playoffs/ superbowl. Before the cause to hustle inside of 2min not go like need.

Amen to this. Like clockwork then burn them all by 30 seconds 16, the timeouts are called by them at 1:01. Two plays or run one dont get up close and telephone hurry to run the clock out. Where the spiked ball at any point I mean? I wish someone would provide madden contest in order that they would be forced to make it great again.I literally wish to attribute ultimate team fornit, but shit it is fundamental coding to incorporate some very simple AI 4th scenarios rather than one worldwide one. If at least sometimesthe CPU would pull a few deep 4th quater moves it'd cancel whatever glitches it induced imo (even if it's inexcusable this far into the series).

You know what bugs me? Madden does not have any logic for franchise in a season standpoint. You are facing the 1-6 Lions and the 7-0 Packers. Lions won't take any risks. I'm not punting in that game in any way. If Lions are down 42-0, if they're in a losing streak, I do not care, they don't play it safe. If they are not and in week 14 making the playoffs, they risk it every time. But not based on Madden.

It feels like they have a set gameplan and refuse to deviate from it. I could be up three scores and they keep becoming stuffed each moment and trying to run it up the center. Dumps to WRs, TEs, and HBs. I understand they can do a far better job but when you have no competition?

Is this commerce not fair for them?!

Madden is currently protecting you. In all seriousness, I'm guessing Madden is programmed to value it is 1st round picks somewhat higher than it needs to to keep from being robbed blind all the time. I mean I'd argue it is a attempt at that. I have a field day at the draft, trading choices and a 68-72ovr from training squad for several round picks.. I've owned the entire first round, and using a cap consistentenly have no less than a dozen original round selections (I try to be realistic, but after a participant I need gets taken way early, I go to fuck it mode). Do not even get me started on free agency sign & trades, a thing I wind up abusing annually again even with a cap (just takes longer). There is cheap Mut 20 coins soo many techniques to manipulate transactions and it essentially becomes robbery.

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By Nanlina
Added May 21



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