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How to get discounts on your appointments?

This is one of the questions that you ask us the most: "Hey Leena, how's that about the points?", "Leena, and I come often, is not there a bonus or discount or something?" So I've decided summarize all the possible ways to obtain a description in your appointment, so that from now on you can benefit from them.


It is surely the most tempting offer for those who are regular friends of AdS. If, for example, you buy a 10 Bonus, you will save 300 AED each time, that is, you will pay 600 AED instead of the usual 2500 AED. This option also has the added advantage that you will not have to carry cash and you can "forget" about this cumbersome topic in your appointments. Enjoy without thinking about anything else.

To request one, you can indicate it by phone and you are prepared for your appointment. It's that simple!


Every week, one of my friends Escorts in Dubai and UAE, is promoted at 1000 AED per hour. If every week you meet the miss, in two or three months you will know them all and you will have saved a good little money.


We have seen how more and more websites imitate us in this point of experience. It does not matter, you will always know that we were the first. We want you to tell us how it went. That's why we reward you with points. It is important to keep in mind that we only give you 100 points in the first of your experiences. If you spend them, you will need another 4 experiences to put those 100 points together again. Therefore, we recommend that you accumulate them. With 9 experiences, the following appointment is free. Points expire on December 31 of each year, so do not miss it!

Not all express are punctual, they have to fulfill three very simple requirements: fill in the email field (only to store the points in a specific address, we will never write you), mark "yes" in publishing experience and that it is 150 words or plus. Finally, remember that only expes from different escorts count, not several about it.


Some Escorts have this rate. Why? They are usually less available or maybe they simply want new friends to be encouraged to meet them. Some may be temporary, a few months, and others permanently. It depends on them. They have a standard rate of 1000 AED per hour, it is one of the most demanded promotions.


Happy hour is a breakthrough offer but I realize that not everyone knows it. For that reason, I'll explain it to you again. If today you request an appointment for tomorrow at 10am, that appointment automatically counts with a discount of 200 AED on the base rate. Is not it great? Not all escorts Dubai or UAE escorts are available at that time, consult the agenda of each one or to us by phone ;)


If you ask for a surprise appointment, you do not directly choose the Indian Girl in Dubai, but by chance and availability, any of the Escorts that comes out on the web will be able to come to your meeting. If you like they all or you do not know what to choose or if it is your first visit, it is a way to save a little and have an appointment that is as special as the standard ones.


If I were a client, I have very clear what I would do. First of all, every week I would benefit from the Miss option (although I can also do it through the option of Happy Hour or Appointment Surprise, as I found it more comfortable at that time). I already leave the offer of 1000 AED / hour, so I'm saving € 40 per appointment. That is, every 4 appointments, the fifth is "free" (so I saved in the previous four). We already have 1 appointment out of every 5 free.

I would count every experience on the web of course. When I have 9 experiences with different Indian Girl in Dubai, I will have 300 points, that is, the next appointment is free.

Therefore, on the one hand, in 8 appointments through the first system, I have saved for two more. And with 9 experiences I have one for free. Therefore, I can get 11 appointments at the price of 8. Great, do not you think?


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