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This is a funny question, but you will have to admit the fact that virgin Amsterdam escorts are better than the remaining escorts available in Amsterdam. A huge list of virgin girls is available here and they are from different regions of the world. They are willing to falling into bed with someone, that's why they are present here to provide the services to the clients.

A virgin girl communicates nicely and she becomes horny easily and now you can take the pleasure that was locked behind the virginity. These untouched bodies will give you everything whatever you want because virgin escorts in Amsterdam are getting prominence than others. You will sink in the sea of love when they will start arresting you with their sensual lips. Every activity will start to run slowly, the time starts to pass little by little. Virgin escorts Amsterdamgives you delight beyond your imaginations, and then you feel a lot of satisfaction. They are amazing and the way they moan while making love will please you before indulging into intercourse. You will also feel that you are going to dive into the erotic ocean with the escort's young & teen girls and about to experience various mating styles. Source:


Amsterdam city is the capital of Amsterdam, a famous Arabian country. Prostitution is nominally legal & regulated in Arabian countries. So, Amsterdam is a love city in Amsterdam with plenty of escort providers which make some great amount of good times for you. Top escort providers in Amsterdam escort have some standard to become top escorts.

Everyone knows that we have to follow some specific standards with accuracy among all the competitors to reach on top. For any system to reach the top, every unit of it must contribute. So Amsterdam escorts follow standards- they remain punctual, have hot, beautiful and wit girls which are liked most by clients. They are highly qualified as well as charming, that could attract clients. They are prepared to make their client so pleased and satisfied.


People come here from several countries and they are differ from each other, so it is typical to handle them, But escorts Amsterdam have trained escort girls who make it possible and they make all their clients happy and satisfied. So it can be said that top escort girls with top services are provided by escort in Amsterdam and people want to come here to enjoy their day. That's why Amsterdam escort are available 24/7 across the city.



Amsterdam escortsare well known in Amsterdam and they are providing different types of escort services like- several massage services, French kissing, deep throat, fingering, sex, etc. So, people come here from different countries with the purpose of taste these escort services and some people also come with a purpose of the tour in vacation and they also use these services. After using these services, they feel most satisfaction because of escort Amsterdam girls are too much hot, sexy, beautiful, and wise as well as they are trained to be smart.

So they people need to book hotels to stay with escort girls, it’s also a challenge for the tourist to book the best hotels in Amsterdam. Here a huge list of hotels and

independent hotels are available because Amsterdam is famous for tourism as well as prostitution is legal and regulated here. Top hotels are also available to escort in Amsterdam, you can contact for any enquiry and compare all those hotels on the basis of provided services like- security policy, food, offer, etc. You will find here the best hotels in Amsterdam to book escorts in Amsterdam. You can book these best hotels in Amsterdam can have enjoyed your day and night with escorts girls freely. Source:


The Sexercise is heard more and more, but what is it? Sexercise is becoming fashionable, and is nothing more than taking advantage of a pleasant and natural activity to lose those extra pounds, which would involve going to the gym every day and following a strict diet. A sacrifice that many are not willing to assume. But and if they tell you that during 20 minutes of normal sex they burn up to 250 calories. Imagine what you could burn if you made some conscious movement during sex. Goodbye to the gym!

But it's no use throwing into passionate, messy and unbridled sex. We must be aware of what we do and follow a little order, while combining it with that desire that in many cases can make it end sooner than we expect. The Sexercise is to incorporate sex certain postures and movements involving extra work for the muscles you want to exercise. So in addition to toning our body, we will get some cardiovascular exercise and burn more calories than normal.

Tips for practicing sexercise

We can all practice Sexercise, we just have to adapt the sexual posture and activity to our physical condition and our goals. For example, we present a variation of a position that you have practiced many times, and some tips to make the most of it.

Curl with female body: More fun than ... the bicep curl. This exercise is similar to doing biceps on a Scott bank, only with a small distraction and a slightly different end goal. Also, you can vary the pace and speed up your training.

Step A. Lie with your back resting on a large cushion. Ask the girl to straddle you and lean forward, resting your hands on your shoulders.

Step B. Grab it by the hips and move it up and down by varying the speed. You don't need to ask a partner for help.


On the other hand, another tip to practice Sexercise if you want an extra burning of calories is a good idea to practice sex first thing in the morning, fasting. In this way, the body uses the accumulated fat stores in the body, not the energy from food. Also changing the rhythm and inters pending moments of maximum speed with more leisurely ones will not only serve to increase arousal and delay the arrival of orgasm, but to increase fat burning.

If you are already one of those who practice certain postures, or had sex last night and want to know the resulting caloric expenditure, there is a sexual calculator in which to insert the posture, the duration of the act and the intensity to know how many calories you burned.

Escorts to practice sexercise

If you are one of those who do not have a partner, or do you think that the first night with a girl is not the time to practice certain sexual positions, the ideal is to turn to sex professionals such as the escorts who collaborate in Tempting Escorts. Many of them offer Kamasutra sexual service and can help you achieve a pleasant sexual relationship and avoid the tedious gym.

If you want to know more about the ideal escort to practice sexercise , check our Escorts Amsterdam section and contact us at  or +31 6 45 12 32 21 visit more:


Are you looking for a different treatment where the first is your pleasure? In Tempting Escorts we want to provide you with some tempting girls and their new photos. In these images you can see these professional escorts who have decided to leave anonymity to show their best charms, so you can meet them before even visiting us. These are some of the surprises that you can take if you approach our house relax. Although there are many companion girls with photos, there are other ladies who prefer not to make their public photos, but not for fear that you don't like them, but for a mere matter of privacy.

There are many luxury whores in Amsterdam who collaborate with us although they all have something special that makes them unique and perfect to have a "romantic" date. Each of them can be ideal for your meeting in our house, everything depends on what you are looking for; what kind of girls do you like and what are your hidden fantasies. Therefore, although it is a very personal decision, we will try to help you with a brief description of each of them. Even so, it will surely help you to look at the images we have on our website of these Amsterdam Escorts. And remember that you can always call us at +31 6 45 12 32 21 and we will give you all the information you need to make your choice the most satisfactory.

Variety in the photos of these Amsterdam company girls

In Tempting Escorts you will find a wide variety of women, some more sugarcane, some sweeter, some with infarct bodies and others more sophisticated. Although some of these girls do not have much experience in the prostitution sector, their natural bodies and fiery attitude make them very good escorts. Many are young with fine European curves and seductive looks, some of them somewhat inexperienced, but eager to give you pleasure and make your meeting a memorable memory.

On the other hand, you will also see girls with a more marked silhouette with pronounced curves, large breasts and good hips in the purest Latin style that will also make you lose your mind. Many of them are true experts in this art of lovemaking and know how to satisfy a man, empty him of pure pleasure. In our house collaborate prostitutes of Colombian, Venezuelan, Brazilian and other Latin luxuries that will cut your breath. There are also affectionate mulattos with which to make all kinds of sexual fantasies come true, and with whom to share an intimate moment alone.

Although not missing the Spanish big breasts. Young, sweet, roguish, affectionate ... will be willing to do everything to please your most secret fantasies. Anal sex, natural French, black kiss, deep throat, squirting, threesomes, lesbians, golden rain, sexual fantasies, erotic costumes, sado, sex toys, fetishes, massages, kisses, caresses ... There are so many possibilities that we cannot decide for you However, we help you that your experience is unforgettable . Tell us what is your most intimate desire that we will know to suggest to the girl that best suits your needs.

Come and enjoy our luxury suites. If you prefer, you can start by having something to drink in our bar, it will help you break the ice and start heating the atmosphere next to the escort of your choice. You can also call to make an appointment with the girl at home or in a hotel, provided she offers this service. In any case, discretion and personalized attention are guaranteed, in Tempting Escorts you will find all the comforts to make your meeting unforgettable with one of the many luxury whores in Amsterdam. Source :

The black kiss is one of the most widespread taboos of sex. It is, for many, the forbidden word, a practice only in the hands of the most expert. Do you know what it is? The black kiss, as it is popularly known, is anal oral sex: stimulate through the tongue or lips the anus of your partner. Do you feel like trying it? We invite you to visit our house of appointments of Tempting Escorts with Escorts in Amsterdam and discover these sensations!

You will agree that the black kiss is one of the least sexual practices performed by heterosexual couples. The discovery of the anus through the lips is usually not very explored, so there are very few women who will know how to do it perfectly. Find some of them at Tempting Escorts!

The black kiss is usually the preamble of a spectacular intercourse. The relationship usually begins with oral sex on the genitals and deriving to anilingus (as it is also known as the black kiss). The infinity of nerve endings that end in the anus will help your sexual stimuli to wake up quickly and take your wildest sexual side, so they will precede a spectacular orgasm by releasing your sexual instincts more easily.

Do you want to come to Tempting Escorts and meet the escorts that collaborate with us? You can know in this link those with which you can make the black kiss, which will open the back doors of an almost unknown world. Do not think about it anymore and come and meet us!

Ways to make the black kiss in tempting escorts

In Tempting Escorts, we consider that anilingus is an unknown but spectacular practice, so we assure our clients that in every encounter with the escorts that come to our house they will be able to discover their sexual ecstasy thanks to an exquisite language game.

There are several ways in which you can put into practice the black kiss in Tempting Escorts, so we tell you in detail what it would be like if you chose this service. Pay attention!

On all fours

There is no better way to discover the back of a man or a woman than with this posture. It is one of the most primitive positions, letting us glimpse our wildest sexual side. Therefore, accessing both the genitals and the anus in this position is always the easiest.

Usually begins with a massage with the fingers around the anus, stimulating the nervous areas of this part of the body and thus arousing sexual desire. Then both the tongue and the lips can pass over other areas of the back, ending in the anus with circular games of the tongue around your area.

With a 69

The 69 is one of the keys that open the paradise of any sexual relationship and, in this case, it would not be for less. The 69 is also an excellent way to make a black kiss because it allows easy access to the anus, being able to open the area more comfortably and stimulating the nerve endings.

This is also a sexual stance of the most dominating, so that whoever makes both of the black kiss, you can feel with absolute control of the relationship.

Erotic shower

At Tempting Escorts, we give great importance to hygiene, so the black kiss service includes an erotic shower in its realization. In this way, both the escort who goes to Tempting Escorts and the client, can give free rein to their excitement ensuring complete hygiene during the black kiss.

You can start under the shower, with a warm temperature that stimulates your senses and allows you to put your sexual desire in the encounter.

What do you think about the black kiss? Book an appointment with an escort to put it into practice, or even to go further if the situation requires it. Call us at +31 6 45 12 32 21 or through our contact form. If you prefer to come and personally meet the escorts in Amsterdam who collaborate with Tempting Escorts, you can check here those that are available in real time. Source:


Do you want to know all the news about escorts in Amsterdam? As every week, we keep you informed of the latest changes of the escorts who collaborate in Tempting escorts. This week we are loaded with things to tell you about the Escorts in Amsterdam, from girls again collaborate with us to others who decide to become a first photo book.

As you know, in Tempting escorts you can always find a wide variety of escorts for all tastes. Exactly that is what we present to you this week, 4 very different escorts among them and that have in common their desire to satisfy your desires.

Choose your escort in Amsterdam

After being a few weeks out, Patricia returns to Tempting escorts with renewed energy and eager to continue having fun. For those of you who don't know her, Patricia is as you see her in the photos, a beautiful escort from the Amsterdam. She is one of the few escorts in Amsterdam who dares to show her face. If when reading that comes from Netherlands, you have thought that it is a cold escort, you have been wrong, Patricia is one of the most ardent escorts in Amsterdam. You can see more photos of her in her file, although to get a closer look at her delicious body we recommend you to meet her. It will leave you so satisfied that you will want to repeat.

The one that also returns to Tempting escorts after having been a while away from the city is Tiffany. This hot Amsterdam escort doesn't waste time. Upon arrival, he wanted to update his photo book to show you his new hair color and make sure you see it on the web as it is. Provocative lingerie, cream, strawberries and champagne ... A fantasy come true. These new photos are even sexier than the previous ones and it is that Tiffany knows very well how to excite her lovers. If you are planning to have an appointment with her and want to know the services she offers, you can do it here. Do not hesitate; what you need is an appointment with this Escort in Amsterdam.


When she left, Lili was one of the escorts who don't show her photos on our website, but after her return that has changed. Finally, this attractive mulatto escort has decided to show her many charms. As you can see in his book, Lili has a beautiful caramel skin that will leave more than one speechless. As far as sex is concerned, this beauty knows no borders and there are few things with which it does not dare. With it you are assured of a sexual encounter that you will have new and pleasant experiences. What else do you need to know? Only one, as she there are few escorts in Amsterdam.

Finally, we introduce you to Ana. Although this escort has been offering her services at Tempting escorts for a while now, she has now decided to leave anonymity and show you a preview of what you will find when you have an appointment with her. In this escort from Netherlands you will find a sensual and very morbid lover with which to enjoy sex little by little. Ana speaks several languages ​​making her the ideal companion for any event or dinner. High, with a stylized figure and a pretty face, with it you will have an evening that you cannot forget. An escort in Amsterdam that will drive you crazy. If you want to know more about it, you can do it here.

Two Latin escorts and two from Netherlands and the four with their own charm and a touch that makes them unique. Not all offer the same services, so you can choose according to your preferences in terms of physical or according to the service you are looking for. Choose the one you choose, it will surely be an unforgettable experience with an escort in Amsterdam.



Enter through the back door; practice a Dutch, avuncular or “give ass." There are many ways in which we can refer to anal sex! In case you did not know, this sexual practice is one of the most widespread in the world, being one of the favorite of men and more practiced by girls that you can find in Tempting Escorts. Are you coming to taste the pleasure of the best bodies and butts of Valencia? We are waiting!

You will prove us right if we tell you that there are few women who embark on the adventure of anal sex. There are even few who know how to move their body and hips so that you enjoy as much or more than traditional sex. Anal sex is a power in the hands of few women, some of whom are in Tempting Escorts.

Anal sex is one of the most pleasurable sexual practices, not only for us, but also for women. As we tell you on this page, in the anus there is a large concentration of nerve endings, so that it is characterized as an erogenous zone sensitive to stimulation. Therefore, some women classify it even more pleasant than vaginal sex.

For them, this large number of nerve endings, as well as the contraction of the same anus during penetration, achieve a much more intense sensation than with other sexual practices.

Have you tried it yet? Do you feel like going back into the back door of a splendid woman? Come and meet us at Tempting Escorts and the girls will show you their charms during this sexual practice or many more.

Want to know more about anal sex? Here we have collected some of the most particular positions that you can ask from some escorts. Relax and enjoy!



There are many ways in which you can practice anal sex. We discover the best ones below and, thus, if any is of your liking, you can ask the girls that you can find in our installation, if they fulfill that sexual fantasy with you.


Never forget the classics, they always are for a reason. Lie with your Amsterdam escort in bed and get her anus to relax by massaging it. Once you notice it ready to play with you, unleash your excitement and begin the penetration progressively.

On the other hand, you can also practice standing with your escort, against a wall and she in a four-legged position.


Sex toys always help, why not take advantage of them for anal sex! Since the anus is a sensitive area, they can favor its stimulation and get it to open more gradually but pleasantly. Anal plugs, even, can also be pleasurable for those women more experienced in this practice.


If there is a most attractive dildo modality, that is pegging. Do you know what it is about? Is the anal penetration with a strap-on, or what would be a belt with a built-in dildo? It can serve you to fulfill a fantasy with your Amsterdam escorts or even to see how she practices a lesbian with this belt.

Do you feel like trying the pleasures of anal sex with a girl in Tempting escorts? Call us now and let your imagination run wild. You will enjoy a sexual encounter without commitment with one of the most beautiful women in the city.



Have you ever considered what are the advantages and disadvantages of practicing sex in the water? As you know, the high temperatures characteristic of summer encourage us to look for more refreshing and comfortable means to carry out one of the greatest adult pleasures: sex. Beaches, swimming pools and even jacuzzis become excellent centers where you can let your imagination fly and achieve your most hidden sexual fantasies. Whether it's a lonely cove or a private hotel pool, the experience will be more than exciting.

To give you an idea of ​​all that sex can offer you in the water, in Tempting Escorts we tell you some of its many benefits and the odd inconvenience that you must take into account.

Ready for a pleasure bath?



One of the main advantages of practicing sex in the water are the postures. The aqueous medium considerably reduces our weight, or at least the sensation, so that the agility and the possibility of movements within the water are much greater.

This makes it possible for us to perform postures with which we have always dreamed but which we have never put into practice for lack of movement. In the water, there are no excuses.

Some of the most satisfactory postures are not strictly linked to being submerged in the water, but can be achieved in a bathtub, using as a complement the shower and water pressure, which you can use to provide more pleasure to your companion while you enjoy his excitement.


Another benefit of the symbiosis between water and sex is sensation. The senses become much more acute in the water, so the caresses, the touch and even the contrast of contact with a warm body are exceptional.

In addition, we can add water temperature as a factor. The hot water relaxes most of the muscles of the body, so the kisses will be much more sensory. The cold water, on the contrary, reactivates the organism and becomes ideal to continue increasing the passion of the encounter.

But not only does touch benefit from water. The transparency of the water will make your eyes have a full eye contact with your partner's body, which will increase your excitement if you focus your eyes on what you like most about your body.


But not all are advantages, although they have a solution. One of the main drawbacks to practicing sex in the water is intimacy, and that is that we can rarely find a pool or a beach completely empty. The solution in this type of cases is to opt for means in which privacy is guaranteed, such as a private pool, whether its own or a hotel, a Jacuzzi, a shower or a bathtub.

The second of the less attractive aspects of this type of practice is that water, by nature, is an enemy of feminine lubrication, although this inconvenience, fortunately, also has an easy solution. It suffices to employ you thoroughly with your companion and use artificial lubricants that provide you with the pleasure you are looking for on each occasion.

Are you already determined to fulfill your sexual fantasies in the water? The Amsterdam Escorts that collaborate Tempting Escorts have everything you need to make you spend the best of moments. You just have to put the imagination.

Book your appointment by calling the phone 0031626954464 or through our contact form. If you prefer, you can also come and meet the ladies personally. Check here those that are available in real time and take advantage of the moment.  Source:


One of the most hidden fantasies of any man or woman is the practice of sadomasochism. Have you ever tried it? It is about obtaining pleasure through pain, a pain that can be provoked or not through sexual practice. If you go to our house of appointments of Tempting Escorts, you will have the opportunity to put into practice the erotic sado with the Escorts in Amsterdam that collaborate with us. Do not wait any longer and come and meet us!


The erotic sado is the staging of the practice of sadomasochism but respecting the desires and pleasure of both the escorts and yourself. It is about reaching a state of excitement through pain that is equal or even more pleasurable than intercourse. You can get it through the escort's orders, physical strength or through materials that hit the body.

This type of practice represents transgression, overcoming the barriers of taboos and a game that can appear to be "dangerous" (although every detail is perfectly controlled). Would you like to try it with one of the escorts in Amsterdam who come to Tempting Escorts?

We assure you that you will live an experience without equal. Just let yourself be carried away by the orders of these spectacular women. Pick up the phone and call us!

Types of Sadomasochistic Practices


The erotic sado can be put into practice in different ways, either with the attitude of a dominator and a submissive, as well as through physical force with objects or the body itself. Each pair establishes its rules: the objects they wish to use, the security words and the role play that is established between them.

We give you some ideas to try when you call our dating house Tempting Escorts. They are objects that inflict pain on the body, so that the excitement increases rapidly. Take note!

More Expensive

The latex masks are popular among customers. They represent a great sign of submission, so they are often used in a situation in which, in addition to representing an erotic game, you also seek to create pain or excitement in the face.


Wives are one of the favorite erotic games for escorts in Amsterdam de Tempting Escorts. However, they can also adopt a sadomasochistic side: if they squeeze themselves sufficiently, they can project pain by representing a scene of submission.


Whips are the best-known instrument of sadomasochism. It is the representation of punishment that something has not been done correctly. Therefore, the Escorts in Amsterdam who collaborate with Tempting Escorts often use it with clients who do not behave correctly and ignore their orders.

Have you convinced yourself and want to come and meet us? Call us and do not cut your desires or imagination. You will enjoy a sexual encounter without compromise with the beautiful women who collaborate with our house of appointments.

Book an appointment at 0031626954464 or send us an email through our contact form. If you prefer to come and meet the ladies personally, we are waiting for you!


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