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From the game's market, there are far too many items that surpass the maximum quantity of mesos exchanged / held by a character in Maplestory Mesos trade, which does not always need to be the case for real stat-increasing gear.

Historically and currently, there may be permanent NX items obtained through Style Boxes that due to rarity or supply/demand, will surpass the 10 billion meso range. Attempting to make a profit from these items (that Nexon had stated previously was one of the targets of Style Boxes being tradable originally to help players earn legitimate profit from the purchasing of NX) necessitates either exclusively trusting in a player that they will trade them instantly after trading 10 billion mesos and provide the rest of the amount. . Or resorting to selling the thing via methods like Paypal, where it at least protects the individual somewhat in the cause of fraud.

I have sadly never had the chance of having items that were worth 10bil+ (or at least ones which I'd consider selling), however even for myself, unless I knew the person very well, I'd feel uncomfortable selling the item through normal means whenever there is far too much danger of the player of being scammed or cared for. This is one of the chief reasons why I like continuing to supply the /fit free market website name here /, as it helps safeguard all maplers, regardless of their economic status in-game from malicious efforts to take advantage of others, or even purposeful mis-pricing.

So to sum up this, I don't agree with the idea of players having to make item transactions through other means outside this game, but I know it and don't really hold it against them. Nor do I feel like it's that much of a difficulty that it is impacting the match negatively in any manner. If the item isn't exploited, legitimately created by a player, and the participant has invested their own money cubing or improving the product, they deserve the right to turn a profit out of it without the risk of losing their investment due to a lack of performance in the game itself.

Even in the case of a participant receiving money through Paypal instead of their cash directly going to Nexon, in the majority of cases that cash still finds it's way back into Nexon somehow or another; if it's the buying of NX (for this vendor's stores), cubing, etc to make more pre-cubed items to sell for profit. I ran a poll in my host a few years ago and about 80 percent of players who offered items outside of the game said that they'd usually end up spending 60-70 percent of the money that they receive back on the match. To make things more realistic (based upon your server of course), if a participant spends $300-450 to get a Frenzy Totem out of a participant who got one from Marvel Machine, it is expected that the vendor will likely spend a good $50-150 on greater Marvel Machine spins to attempt to make more profit. That is still profit for Nexon in a large degree, particularly when you think about the amount of items that usually go beyond 10bil.Hello, guys, welcome to maplestory2 mesos, now we are going to talk about Jett Revamp, a lot of you has experienced this new update, but you might not know what's happened with Jett? As a Jett who had been 175 earlier this upgrade and appreciated it, today 200 waiting for the 5th job advancement, here are the ideas which come to consider this update.

First and foremost - miss the old leap, the new jump is just slow to the point where I personally do not find it helpful anymore. Wish it might clear it by just opening the ability tab, but it is always there.

Buff Durations needs a revisit - way to brief specially for Bonic Maximizer and Slip Stream Suit. Even using extra buff durration out of IA and Legion, I receive 2 minutes of these fans. Which wouldn't actually bother me, but when mobbing and functioning up combo strikes, the cartoon is very slow, especially for Bonic Maximizer, I have a tendency to reset my combo hits while attempting to rebuff always tried with and without a macro, no difference. I wound up using StarFall since the animation/cast time is long, to rebuff myself so I am able to keep my combo counts moving. Jett's native buffs lasted at most 4 moments (with the excpetion of Bonic Maximize and Slip Stream at 2 minutes that I do not believe they are affected by any extra enthusiast length) but my walnut warrior is 20 minutes when compared with all the extra buff duration a huge gap IMO.

Consistently enjoyed Falling Stars creatively and as a utility. I do feel that cheapest Maplestory 2 Mesos has range could be longer and the ability stronger as a 30 point ability in stead of a 20.

Back Up Beatdown - Totally get the idea of the ability and I think that it could be useful, however there are many variables you need to think about while utilizing it. It's great that it hits critters both infront and behind me, but the extra damage at the conclusion, is only on monsters in front, so I have to retap the skill and change direction in order to clean that monster group based on what I am facing and where the critters have move to. Doesn't feel like satisifying as Falling Stars when draining a mob and feels unsuccessful when bossing, particularly a boss on the conduct like Magnus.

Singularity Shock - what's with the awful cast animation pre and post revamp? Because it takes so long, the monster concentrated, generally an elite, from the time that the skill was casted and begins the attack chain, the creature has transferred and the ability doesn't actually hit anything. Jett's whole attack motif is rate, so why slow it down to a standstill with this ability that may or may not actually reach the targeted monster also takes so long to begin attacking? The skill stands out of place and clunky in comparison to the remainder of Jett's rate themed abilities and compared to other courses attack abilities.

Star Fall - incoming nerf from what I hear and I undestand why some may believe its more powered. Personally, it's not the speediest skill in the Earth, involving cast delay and assaulting reallly just found it usefull if recasting buffs and a quickish map/ledge clear before beginning my map route again.

Total I doesn't really feel like an update/revamp, Jett could be a little more powerful that in was a year before, I did not boost her equipments becoming to 200, but the buffs and abilities stayed primarily the same. I excited to take a look at her 5th job ability....in another 6 hours...

Finally, please remember that maplestory2 mesos can offer your maplestory two mesos with reduced cost and enjoyable customer support, all you want to do is place an order and waitting to recieve your mesos!

Ready to play? Food at hand? Water bottle full? New game in the console? Friends armed with controllers? Have you connected to your worthy opponents online? Stop now! Take the time to read these tips and enhance your gaming time!

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