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Role playing is usually one of the most common sexual fantasies among men. Pretending to be a different person in bed can be very exciting, and Amsterdam escorts also enjoy this type of highly sexual activity.

To add sensuality to the role play, Amsterdam escort, the use of erotic costumes is often used that can make a very exciting practice in itself become a promise of pleasure without equal.

Of course, each person has their own preferences when deciding which costumes are the most appropriate, or the most recommendable to raise the temperature of the room. Then, escort service Amsterdam, in our post, we propose you the most successful among the clients of the escorts that collaborate with Tempting Escorts:


What is more erotic than a woman dressed in uniform? The answer is simple: a woman dressed in uniform who is ready to handcuff your hands to the bed and do with you whatever you want.

This costume is especially recommended for those who look for an active role in the Amsterdam escort, for those who prefer to "let themselves be done" and discover everything that the young lady of company has prepared to surprise her client. For those who have been bad guys and seek that the hard arm of the law falls on them without mercy.


The stewardess suit, tight and sexy at the same time formal, and very similar to that of secretary, is another of the most demanded options. The escort, dressed in a short skirt, a light shirt and a scarf on the neck that you will want to tear off as soon as possible, VIP escort Amsterdam , will be ready to point you towards unlimited pleasure.

In addition, discovering how a woman of such formal appearance becomes a lioness in bed turns out to be the hottest thing.


Many men are excited to be with an innocent looking girl who burns with desire to learn everything you can teach her. Although the truth is that the escort with schoolgirl uniform comes with the lesson well learned from home, and is ready to put everything into practice.

With a short skirt and, possibly, her hair pulled back in two pigtails, she is willing to show you that, despite her appearance, it is about a whole woman of arms to take.


This is one of the classic options that we can not pass up. Tell the escort where it hurts; she will know well what the appropriate treatment is and how to apply it.

This option is ideal for people who seek to receive attentive and caring treatment by the escort. Let him take the reins while he fills you with caresses and makes you touch the sky of pleasure.


Every woman has ever wanted to be a princess, or the protagonist of a fairy tale. You can live a totally different experience with an escort dressed in costumes or story, escort agency Amsterdam, pretend that you live in another era, in another world, and discover new forms of pleasure under their petticoats.

But this is not all. The escorts of Tempting Escorts await you with their costumes of kitty, independent escort girls Amsterdam, Playboy bunny, cleaner, angel, devil, military, cheerleader ... In short, they have a wide repertoire in which, sure, and you will find which is the disguise that you want them to wear for you.

You just have to contact us, choose your escort in Amsterdam and decide what attire you prefer, or, if you expect to be surprised with a choice of your own.



Because of the many care it needs, it is not always easy to maintain a relationship with a partner, and it is so easy to get into a routine and monotony that it is sometimes important to consider the experience of new experiences that will in some way help to recover emotions and spell. This is then when renting a luxury Amsterdam Escort for couples can look like a viable choice because this class of professionals has such a wide portfolio of services that can be a solution for reviving your idyll completely.

There are many ways that a luxury companion can intervene and give preference to good vibration, so let's talk about the various benefits that this decision can make for you and the person you are with. In order to properly break the positive range of high-level escort intervention at the level of a couple, it is necessary to open the mind of sexual services in Amsterdam (temptingescorts.com) and pay due attention to the use of sexuality both individually and as a team.

The ways your escort can improve your relationship

Helps to Fulfill Sexual Fantasies: When a couple are willing to resort to creativity and encourage different ways, sexual fantasies in which a third person can intervene are usually the first options, so better than a person with experience and properly trained.

Allow the couple to enjoy the escort: if both agree and so wish, the adventure for the senses that accompany the escort services individually can be a great gift for others to enjoy watching.

Adult tips in love arts: The alternative to exercise with a luxurious escort can create the necessary space to learn new skills that can later guarantee full enjoyment of the couple.

Why couples find luxury Amsterdam Escorts?

Finding new motivations to get rid of the usual routine is basically the most important reason why a couple decided to let something live in this style. Given that a luxuryAmsterdam escorts is a trained person who specializes in sexual art, this virtue becomes the best companion letter when it comes to finding someone reliable and above all professional. We leave behind conventional prostitution, talking about employees who control sensuality, can direct the wishes of their customers, and above all offer security. This of course corresponds to points of great importance when choosing an alternative.

Sex and beauty are closely intertwined. But the previous thing is also to include a factor that, although on many occasions unnoticed, can sometimes be decisive, so he can boast the highest quality experience of pleasure and sex. Considering the above, below, we share a list of foods to help you if you are looking for an aphrodisiac that will give you a few unforgettable experiences.

As for eroticism, it should be noted that people usually include it in art, while pornography is almost automatically labeled in the corner of obscenity. In spite of the above, we must begin by emphasizing that art is a manifestation of human activity, when it is a real interpretation or an imaginary expression by using plastic, audio or linguistic resources. Looking at the detail, erotic art, if it is bound by the previous definition, can be thought of without any kind of problem. Of course, erotic art differs from art in itself because it has a romantic and sexual meaning.

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I would be unintelligent if I did not understand that sex and money are convincing subjects, but you would be a fool if you did not understand that I do not want to be pointed out as an object of entertainment.

Last weekend I met new people. I'm like an Escort in Amsterdam and I went with a friend of mine, and also with some friends of my friend. When she told one of them what I do for a living, I felt a little embarrassed.

I should not have worried. If there was discomfort, I probably brought it with me, as usual. A few times during the night, however, I realized that I was listening very closely to my answers to basic questions. Maybe they were waiting for my eyes to become kaleidoscopic, or for the problems of my childhood to arise.

Then I realized: I'm probably the first sex worker that they know socially.

This happens often. I am open about what I do, and I am a friend of many men. I could be more discreet, but too many times I've been on a brunch and my vague lie of being an online cook raises 20 enthusiastic follow-up questions. I hate the taste of increasingly elaborate lies. I am lucky to live in Amsterdam, a city so big that if someone disapproves of me, we can choose not to see each other again. So fuck it.

Here are some things you would consider if you were introduced to a sex worker at a party or a karaoke bar.


If you are curious, do it! Try to stay away from nuts and bolts, and nothing too deep, too fast. Imagine that I sleep animals to earn a living, not because it is an equally sad profession, but because they are equally susceptible. There is no must for "Do you touch that the spirit leaves the body of the cat?" And if only for the sake of our mutual friends, do not ask me about sexually transmitted diseases before eating.



There are absolutely women in the world who are victims of trafficking, who are doing sex work for reasons that are terrible and coercive and highly traumatic. If you meet someone with a history like that socially, do the best you can to help her.

But if you run into a self-identified sex worker (or dancer or prostitute or cam girl), especially in a big city, and you do not see someone behind her holding a gun, please assume that they have control over their own life. Do them the favor of assuming that they make decisions according to an idiosyncratic but valid analysis of their choices and the consequent financial results. Do them the favor of not assuming that they hate their work, or that they love it, or that their story is like something you read or saw on television or even someone else you know. Do not make assumptions about your emotional tone. If you are calm enough about your life to avoid the stigma and tell the truth, you are probably as seekers, imperfect and confused and do it like the rest of your friends. Like you, they prefer not to talk about work all the time.


For me, the most difficult part of being a sex worker is that it informs many of my interactions with other people and has a stronger effect on my perceived identity than anything else I have done before. I accompany for money, just as I have done other jobs for money. However, when I was a waiter, people did not assume many things about me because I put food on the tables and picked up dishes. They did not want to ask me about the true meaning of the food, or ask me if being a waiter was emotionally stable, or demanding that I know what I would do when I was no longer a waiter. I did not feel that I should behave as best I could to give the waiters a good name. It is exhausting.

I understand that almost everyone knows a waiter. But just as I was not a waitress when I worked as such, try to understand that I am not Escort above all else.


Sometimes I have difficult days, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes people arrive late. Sometimes I have two clients in a row who are valleys of tears dressed as businessmen. Sometimes I have someone who stores muffins where their empathy for other humans should be, and I hate it, and I need to process that. And sometimes Gmail is crazy and I lose money and that bothers me. If I complain about these things, it's fine. I'm still fine. You're still good. Everyone complains about their work. This does not mean that to be a good friend you must worry or start a serious talk. It would be better if you had a glass of wine with me and then complain about your work.

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Because in life, not everything is work and dedication, from the blog of the escort agency of John, today we want to talk to you about pleasure, to spend an exciting evening of relaxation and enjoy the hand of one of our escorts of Amsterdam. For that reason we have made a compilation of the 5 best erotic techniques that you can enjoy with our beautiful Amsterdam Escorts. Prepared?

Enjoy the Philippine reel with an escort from Amsterdam.

This erotic technique is native to the Philippines. The technique in its principles consisted of tying a string, twine or thread to the base of the erect penis. What was achieved in this way is to lengthen the sexual encounter and achieve epic orgasms.

Nowadays, the use of the thread is in disuse. The reason is that now we have erotic toys as effective and much more stimulating. To perform this technique nothing better than the vibrating rings.

In your next meeting with one of our Amsterdam escort you can incorporate this type of toy during oral sex, to put it into operation later. When you are enjoying your rhythmic movements, the vibration of the ring will make you immerse immense waves of delight. Just before the climax, our escort from Amsterdam will release the penis from the ring and the pleasure will reach heights you have never enjoyed before.

The tantric kiss of an escort from Amsterdam.

Tantra is a philosophy that comes to us from India and its kiss goes far beyond what we understand as such. To fully enjoy this erotic technique, it is essential to be relaxed. What begins with a kiss is combined with caresses, kisses, bites and suctions along the body of the couple. The peak moment will occur just before the climax. At that moment your companion of the agency of John and yourself must remain immobile, exchange glances and join both mouths. While she inhales, you exhale and finally release the orgasm that will be glorious.

Riding the waves with an escort from Amsterdam.

They say that the waves of the sea come from seven to seven, the seventh being the most powerful and grandiose of all. The idea of ​​this technique is to ride them all without missing a single one.

Although our Amsterdam Escort lives inland, we can assure you that they know perfectly well what we are talking about. When you enjoy the company of one of our "call girls" from the capital, you can recreate this technique that consists of stimulating the orgasm until you sense that it is approaching. At that moment all activity is stopped, to start again soon after. The operation is repeated several times until you finally get on that seventh wave, the largest of all to ride with a wave of liberating frenzy and finally let yourself gobble it up.

Alignment with an escort from Amsterdam.

Although the name of this technique lacks poetry "coital alignment", we can not be fooled by it, behind these prosaic words hides perhaps one of the best known methods to stimulate the pleasure of both man and woman.

The posture is very similar to the well-known missionary, however, the penetration is postponed. This technique involves a movement up and down stimulating the desire of both in an absolute friction that can make you go crazy with pleasure. You will decide how it ends.

Nine movements about an escort from Amsterdam.

The technique of the nine movements, really is a game of depths. This time the mastery is completely in your hands. It involves making 9 superficial penetrations and a much deeper one. At first you start slowly until you achieve the complete sequence, then increase the pace and gradually reduce the number of superficial penetrations for each deep movement (first 6 and then 3). In this way, you will take your partner from John agency by surprise with an erotic game only suitable for the most expert lovers capable of stimulating a woman in the most varied ways.

Are you already clear about what your erotic technique will be? Perfect, now choose the Amsterdam Escort with whom you will make it a reality and book an appointment with her.

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When a gentleman like you makes a blind date with a luxury escort from the John agency, he knows that he will meet someone special and that his expectations will be completely satisfied.

Normally when we meet someone who physically attracts us we suffer, what has come to be called, the Halo effect. There is some information that we still lack and we fill it using our imagination. We cover that person with ideal qualities and sublime traits. Our expectations and desires increase when we imagine a human being that borders on perfection. All those expectations and desires, all that waste of imagination, all those qualities, come true when you have a blind date with an escort from Amsterdam.

A woman with a captivating beauty will come to your call. An Amsterdam Escort also adorned, with many qualities: sweet, sensual, intelligent, good conversationalist ... Surprised?You can not imagine.

We know that a blind date is always a challenge, an enigmatic and even exciting invitation. That's why...

Get ready for your blind date with an escort from Amsterdam.

1. It is important that you are very clear about what you want, how you want it and the way you want it. Then ask for it clearly when you dial the telephone number of the John agency. This is the best way to make sure that your blind date with an Amsterdam Escort exceeds your best dreams. It will be everything you had ever imagined.

2. Check the files of our luxury escorts in Amsterdam. It will still be a blind date, but you will have a much clearer idea of ​​what you will find. By doing so, you will know his measurements, height, age, languages ​​he speaks and tastes.

3. If this is the first time you make an appointment with a call girl, ask for the clarifications you need about all the aspects in which you have doubts.

4. Pay special attention to the limits that both of you should respect. In every relationship, there is also an escort from Amsterdam. Respect must be above all.

5. The first impression is the one that remains and for sure you want to give an excellent one. Think about the plan you have in mind, then adjust your presence and your resources. A flag woman will be waiting for you, do not forget it.

6. Be yourself, you do not have to pretend to a luxury escort. It is your moment to show yourself free, uninhibited and above all to enjoy as you have never done before.

7. Keep your mind open to new experiences. Think that you will access a world of exclusive sensations and experiences that you will not find in any other way.

8. Concentrate on enjoying with your escort and forget about everything else. This is your moment!


Be surprised by the escorts of Amsterdam of the agency John.

You're in Amsterdam, ​​its summer and you want company. You have consulted our website "Escorts in Amsterdam" and you have found so much beauty in so little space that you do not know which one to decide on. Stay calm! We can help you. Dial 0031616266756 and let us know your tastes. What kind of woman are you looking for? What kind of date would you like to live? What experiences do you like? The rest leave it from our account! Indulge yourself with the most absolute success in the best blind date and discover the pleasures that destiny has in store with a luxury escort from Amsterdam...

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