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Role playing is usually one of the most common sexual fantasies among men. Pretending to be a different person in bed can be very exciting, and Amsterdam Escorts also enjoy this type of highly sexual activity.

To add sensuality to the role play, the use of erotic costumes is often used that can make a very exciting practice in itself become a promise of pleasure without equal.

Of course, each person has their own preferences when deciding which costumes are the most appropriate, or the most recommendable to raise the temperature of the room. Then, in our post, we propose you the most successful among the clients of the escorts that collaborate with Tempting Escorts:


What is more erotic than a woman dressed in uniform? The answer is simple: a woman dressed in uniform who is ready to handcuff your hands to the bed and do with you whatever you want.

This costume is especially recommended for those who look for an active role in the escort, for those who prefer to "let themselves be done" and discover everything that the young lady of company has prepared to surprise her client. For those who have been bad guys and seek that the hard arm of the law falls on them without mercy.


The stewardess suit, tight and sexy at the same time formal, and very similar to that of secretary, is another of the most demanded options. The escort, dressed in a short skirt, a light shirt and a scarf on the neck that you will want to tear off as soon as possible, will be ready to point you towards unlimited pleasure.

In addition, discovering how a woman of such formal appearance becomes a lioness in bed turns out to be the hottest thing.


Many men are excited to be with an innocent looking girl who burns with desire to learn everything you can teach her. Although the truth is that the escort with schoolgirl uniform comes with the lesson well learned from home, and is ready to put everything into practice.

With a short skirt and, possibly, her hair pulled back in two pigtails, she is willing to show you that, despite her appearance, it is about a whole woman of arms to take.


This is one of the classic options that we can not pass up. Tell the escort where it hurts; she will know well what the appropriate treatment is and how to apply it.

This option is ideal for people who seek to receive attentive and caring treatment by the escort. Let him take the reins while he fills you with caresses and makes you touch the sky of pleasure.


Every woman has ever wanted to be a princess, or the protagonist of a fairy tale. You can live a totally different experience with an Escort in Amsterdam dressed in costumes or story, pretend that you live in another era, in another world, and discover new forms of pleasure under their petticoats.

But this is not all. The escorts of Tempting Escorts await you with their costumes of kitty, Playboy bunny, cleaner, angel, devil, military, cheerleader ... In short, they have a wide repertoire in which, sure, and you will find which is the disguise that you want them to wear for you.

You just have to contact us, choose your Amsterdam Escort and decide what attire you prefer, or, if you expect to be surprised with a choice of your own.

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In Jenny, the Escorts in Amsterdam know what the most wanted desires by men are: Arabic facial and full Arabic. Fellatio is a sexual practice that is characterized by being paramount to the success of a sexual relationship, since with it you get a stimulation of the most pleasurable of the male genitalia. Do you want to come and try it at our dating house? We are waiting!

The touch with the tongue, the visual contact of the woman with the client or the finalization of the same will determine the degree of pleasure of a complete Arabic or a facial Arabic. Although the development of both is similar, the completion of both the complete and the facial depends on the tastes of each client. Even if you have not had occasion to try either of the two, why do not you throw yourself to hire these two services the next time you come?

Jenny's clients have it clear: one of the first services that they should contract with us is the fellatio: complete, facial or natural, the girls who collaborate with us will show you how they can provoke pleasure in a matter of seconds. Not all women know how to perform this practice correctly, and, at Tempting Escorts, we can boast that the girls who collaborate with us master it perfectly. Do you want to check it for yourself?

What makes Arabic facial different from full Arabic

If we have already convinced you to come and see us, but you still do not know which service you will choose, here we detail what each one is about, so that you can choose it to your liking. In addition, some Escort in Amsterdam is more expert in the relationship of one or the other. Therefore, if you contact our house of appointments, the person in charge will be able to advise you, depending on your tastes, the girl that best suits you.

Facial ejaculation

The dream of every man is to ejaculate in the face or body of a woman during fellatio. Whether or not a primitive feature, any man who has tried it in our house of appointments, is delighted. Seeing the face or skin of a woman covered in semen after a great fellatio is an image difficult to forget. In addition, it can be an excellent starting point for the practice of more services.

The Arabic facial can be practiced or not in Tempting Escorts with condom, removing it just at the time of ejaculation. If what you want is to do it without a condom, we recommend you to hire natural Arabic.

If before we told you that the dream of every man is to end in the face of a woman, it is also to do it inside the mouth of the same. This is what we would know as complete Arabic. This practice is, in addition to the most exciting possible, very comfortable for the client. It is not necessary to be attentive to the final moment; you just have to let yourself be carried away by the hands and tongue of the escort with whom you have decided to spend an excellent evening.

Do you already know which of the two you are going to start with? If you go to our house of appointments, do not forget that this practice is carried out under strict hygiene rules, both by the escort and by the clients. It is obligatory to perform an erotic shower before putting into practice facial Arabic or full Arabic.

Do not think about it anymore and come and meet us! We are located right in the center of Amsterdam, with excellent bus and car connections. Call us at +0031616266756 and we will advise you on the escort that best suits your tastes.

Source: https://temptingescorts.blogspot.com/2019/03/arabic-facial-and-full-arabic-at.html