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167cm (5ft5') Wonder Girl Sex Doll with Fitness Body - Rona

Rona is a sexy wonder girl with a fitness body. She can do wonders on your body too if you let her do her thing on the bed with you.

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With the popularity of TPE sex dolls, the sales of sex doll accessories are also gradually rising. People no longer just have a sex doll. They have more choices to find new fun on the basis of solid sex dolls.

Here are some of the most popular sex doll accessories. Replaceable vagina, wigs and eyes, detergent and repair kit, storage box.

Replaceable vagina: There are many options for vagina and hips to satisfy your discerning taste and bring you maximum sexual pleasure. The vagina can also be purchased separately, and you can buy it at low cost to get the sexual pleasure you need. All openings are designed to the same level of maintenance as full-size sex dolls, so you can enjoy sexual intercourse similar to a fixed vagina. The removable vagina is easier to keep clean.

Wigs and eyes: These are easy to change and adjust. You can also mix and match different wigs, hair colors and eye colors for more fun, and choose the perfect heroine you want, you always want to serve you in the bedroom.

Detergents and repair kits: Detergents will help you keep your realistic TPE sex dolls in top condition even after years of use. You’ll find your doll as refreshing as before, serving you, removing all stains and repairing it. TPE special glue is specially used for bonding and repairing TPE solid dolls. After drying, it is soft, transparent and not hard, and can be mixed together after bonding. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, rest assured.

Storage box: It is recommended to buy with each doll. When storing a sex doll vertically, make sure that its feet are on the floor. This will help distribute the force evenly throughout the doll’s body. Avoid your doll from collecting dust or scratches on the way. In order to avoid indentation caused by prolonged pressure, try not to apply force in one place for a long time.

Within decades, there will be machines that look like people, talk like us, and act like us ... with a few modifications, you can accurately determine how they operate.

If this becomes a reality in a huge global market, where ordinary workers have the ability to buy this type of smart sex doll-does this mean that men are already meeting their needs, so they are no longer provocative for women in bars, Tinder and other places and crawl.

Today, a large number of men live in involuntary celibacy and are often discriminated against by women. So how will the "meat market" (hate the word) change when a large number of men leave the meat market and get along with robots?

Robots will be in real life ... but only ten-point omnipotent, who can participate in almost any body (as long as it is so explicitly programmed)? Aside from fucking, can robots talk, comfort, give warmth and love?

The ten pointer is innocent, and will not do anything except to be taken away by the purchaser-will men be content with these, or will they continue to chase real women?

Therefore, men will always have the opportunity that women have! Finally equal!

What do you think

Call on government to provide realistic sex dolls for lonely and anxious people

Health care departments in some areas want governments to help those who are trapped and isolated,

According to reports, a large part of buying sex dolls comes from remote areas. In some specific institutions, there are a large number of people who need sex dolls. This not only refers to sex and companionship, but more importantly, they can Your spiritual trust, the lonely person always needs to find a dependency.This has become a treatment in psychiatry to help those in trouble,

In the country that exports 70% of the world ’s sex dolls, China, the development of sex dolls is fast, and it also gives infinite endless vitality to sex dolls. They are going to the world with the most advanced technology and the most authentic features.

The only reason why sex dolls are better than women is that dolls do not resist, so people can use it to do whatever they want, so many people have the view that sex dolls or child sex dolls can reduce pedophilia, rapists Or the problem of human trafficking, but this statement has also been opposed. On the contrary, some people think that it will promote such social phenomena.Dolls can “meet the most tender dreams and desires inside”

The two most popular ways to carry your Life-size sex doll is the bride carry, or the bear hug. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.  The bride carry is easy to scoop her up and go, but the doll's arms, legs, and head like to grab onto everything in their path. Also it is tough on your back having the weight out in front away from the body.
The bear hug does put the weight next to the body, but could damage big boobies if she starts to slide down your body, Plus the legs dangle in the way of yours, Also both can be tricky hooking up to a stand if she has a neck bolt.

Well what if you combined the two carries to get the best of both. Start by putting theLove doll on the edge of the bed, and put her arms up;

Next sit her up, and put her arms on your shoulders. Then put your hand behind her back, and put the other hand under her thighs;
Then pick her up tight to the body, but leave a bit of room for her breasts;This way most of the weight is on the arm under her legs, but still some at her back. Also now the legs are tight to the body, but not in the way of walking. Also the arms and head are tight to the body, and the same with the weight. Now you can carry her without catching everything in her path, and your not squishing boobies (unless you want to) plus you can see when hooking up to a stand, or move your hand up the back to help guide the hook up.

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Consumers around the world buy a variety of sex toys, and according to the World Sex Toy Rankings, consumers in some countries prefer sex toys more than others. Vouchercloud ranks this ranking based on how often people in each country search for sex toys.

Research reveals that Danish consumers search sex toys most often online. For every 1,000 Internet users, 118 Danish consumers search for love doll,sex toys. This was followed by Sweden (115 searches) and Greenland (108 people), and again the United States (104 people). The UK ranks fifth, with 96 people searching for every 1,000 Internet users.

Russia ranked seventh, with 87 people searching for sex toys for every 1,000 Internet users surveyed, followed by Bulgaria (86 people). France ranks 15th (74), followed by Switzerland and Finland (73 each) and Greece (71).

Although European countries accounted for most of the ranking list, Australia also ranked 10th, with 82 out of every 1,000 Internet users searching for sex toys.


Although Japan has always been known for its sexual openness, it ranks only 43rd, with 44 out of every 1,000 Internet users searching for adult sex toys.

At the same time, India and Bangladesh rank at the bottom, ranking 141, and only 6 of every 1,000 Internet users search for sex toys. Saudi Arabia ranks 107th with 15 searches.

In order to obtain these data, Vouchercloud surveyed the 18 most popular sex toys and various search keywords, such as sex toy seller Lovehoney, vibrator, jumping eggs, etc.

The current users of these Sex Doll mainly have the following three reasons to meet physiological needs; photography sharing; role playing

These dolls look like real people, and they move very much like real people. "The best sex doll is modern art. Just as young women can have beautiful western faces, so can lifelike sex dolls. She can satisfy our tenderest dreams and desires inside

Not only appearances, they also have their own temperature. Metal skeleton joints, real sex sounds.

Nowadays, lifelike sex dolls are a hobby or interest. With the continuous development of online forums, there are more and more topics to talk about, from how to make a plaster model face to leaning on a mobile phone or buying someone's second-hand doll. It's a short and fascinating story, one takes the Mini Sex Doll to the office, the bar, and finally to the bathroom. Here, a man talks firmly with his tongue about how the movie The Beautiful Woman has changed his life. Now, with his two dolls, he can watch as many porn videos as possible without the woman woman holding him. All right for him?

If you buy a full-size sex doll on an e-commerce website, then you may receive a box or case like this. As you can see, usually the doll will arrive in a completely brown box without any markings. The general transportation company will not disclose the contents.

Different manufacturers have different packaging methods. These realistic sex dolls are well packaged. You can see from the picture below that the dolls are packed in a box and there are various different items that arrive with the dolls. They are packed The box is also equipped with a protective cover to prevent any damage to the neck and feet during transportation.

In fact, when the doll arrived, the head was separated from the body and cut off. This is to protect the neck and feet from causing any damage during transportation. The head will reach the protective bag to prevent dust or dirt from accumulating. The doll’s eye area will also have a protective mask to protect delicate eyelashes and makeup.

The sex doll accessories are not easily damaged during transport, so you only need to place them in another compartment inside the box. As you can see below, our dolls include 2 wigs as well as random random wear.

The cleaning kit is very comprehensive and will include a irrigator (cleaner on the doll’s vagina), protective gloves for handing the doll when needed, a hair brush, a USB vaginal heater to help heat the holes in the doll’s body.

Also if you order any other TPE cleaners or glues, they will arrive at different times as they cannot be shipped with the item.
  • It is not only the so-called “true feelings” that can stimulate the secretion of hormones in humans. If so, how can there be sex workers, sex toys, and TPE Sex Doll? Being is reasonable.
  • Keep in shape

Sex life is a special sport for men. Sex life is equivalent to jogging. If you have sex 3 times a week, it is equivalent to jogging 75 kilometers in one year, and the heat energy burned is 7,500 calories.

  • Protecting eyesight

Studies have found that sex can relax the eye muscles and help prevent myopia. At the same time, after having sex, vision will be better than usual. If there is a situation such as blurred vision, it means that there may be problems with the eyes, it is best to have a check.

lifelike sex dolls

  • Help quit smoking

If you want to quit smoking, you can tell him that smoking will make the sponge tissue lose its “elasticity” and shorten the penis. For those men who are pursuing a large penis, quitting is more motivated.

  • Reduce the risk of prostate cancer

Studies have found that ascetics have a higher chance of developing prostate cancer, while a study from the University of Nottingham found that people who can still enjoy a regular life around the age of 50 will have a lower risk of prostate cancer.

Start with the real doll head first.

Before cleaning, help the doll to pose in a stable and convenient position. Let your doll sit on one side of the bathroom sink, or put her in a standing position, in an arched position, leaning her butt against the wall, so that you can clean every corner of the body and use it. A wet towel to stop her from slipping. I have to say that this way of cleaning will use a lot of cotton balls, of course, you can choose other soft absorbent materials. Every time you wipe, use mineral oil to soak it to ensure that the cotton ball is moist but does not drip. You will find that the cotton ball will turn black quickly, which is a way to completely remove the dust stains on the doll's surface.


Then clean each skin from head to toe.

Then clean up every area that is not easy to find. At this point you may need brighter light to prevent you from missing any spots that may appear in every inch. When you are in the long-term wiping process, the TPE sex doll may become dry, mineral oil may make it sticky, to avoid contact between the doll's limb skin, so that they will stick together.

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