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For customers with social anxiety disorders, the sex doll service can be said to be of great value. Visually impaired and hard of hearing people will have more needs and questions in this regard. Sex dolls can also be used as a way to vent a person who likes violence or does not want to hurt the real thing, but does not want to hurt the real person, even those who want to experience monogamy without deception. 


Despite the development and advancement of the realistic sex doll market, these groups need more help and care, especially in the early days when sexual robots are emerging, taking into account the special needs of these anxiety and disabled groups, and making product design more Humanization, but also to help this part of the community, let them feel the beauty of the world.

Not only that, but we should treat them more equally. They also have human rights that are as equal as ours. Especially in the current era of artificial intelligence, the sex dolls that replicate human sexual reactions are no longer a topic that is hard to talk about, even In the future it will be as ordinary as those of vibrating sticks and masturbation toys.

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If robots are more and more realistic like humans, humans are more willing to share their ideas,and have more relationships with them.
How to achieve a significant improvement in human-computer interaction, this is the father of Japanese robots’ point of view ” it has been considering issues.” Have you assumed a scene like this: Are you willing to kiss a robot and kiss their rubber skin? Maybe more realistic than silicone sex dolls. Or are you willing to contact their cold skin and pass on heat to them? In fact, this is not impossible. Humans and robots can be friends, sex and even marriages in the near future.

Different regions, different nationalities, different body and decorative features make their choices richer and more free. Even the developing robotic sex dolls are selling with their independence. Each of them can be called a work of art, just like a real person can’t be copied and cannot be replaced.

Some radicals believe that people and robots are based on algorithms and are stylized animals. And the connection between people and robots is getting closer. He believes that human and robotic sex is definitely part of the future society. And the research of sex robots will eventually be accepted by most people. Especially when the researched robot is such a beautiful and realistic artwork.

Thinking from the starting point of cosplay, the first thing to consider is whether the appearance is realistic and beautiful, for the final styling effect and the degree of restoration of the character. There are many different options from the size of the realistic sex dollto the material, which can be chosen according to personal taste.Changing clothes forlove dolls is also a factor that can't be ignored by people who are keen on cosplay. If you don't want to sweat every time you change clothes for your doll, then you must remember to choose a doll that is easy to move. Since the surface of the doll is not as smooth as the surface of the human skin, there is frictional resistance between the clothing and the contact surface of the doll. Therefore, it is important to select a doll with smooth skin surface. Generally speaking, the material of the silicone sex doll is better. The hard material can make the doll have a good shape and smoothness. The TPE sex dollis the second, but there are also many well-made dolls to solve this problem. Another important point is the ability of the doll's joint activity to be introduced later.

In addition to the oil to be cleaned and smashed, the daily maintenance of the doll should also pay attention to the problem of material aging and makeup remover. First of all, to avoid glare, sunlight, light, and ultraviolet light can cause yellowing problems. Use a fine sandpaper film to drop.

 Soft joints are easy to move, and hard joints are suitable for styling. They are generally used in combination, such as hard joints for elbows on the arms and soft keys for places like fingers. The key points are the waist and ankle, which is the difference between the ornamental and the practical.

In general, dolls with skeletons will be heavier, and the bigger the doll is the more important the material will be. If it is affordable, it would be better to buy a full-size sex doll. Although heavier, from the ornamental to the clothing can be replaced to meet the visual enjoyment, but also a greater range of clothing to choose from, as long as the human can wear ,cosplay costume can be displayed on it. That is why many people use life-size sex dolls to shoot photography.

With the popularity of various kinds of dolls, many doll lovers want to make clothes, make-up, and styling for their dolls. But not everyone has such a talent, so there is a corresponding occupation – doll makeup artist.

Unlike the makeup of real people, the doll’s head shape is relatively small and it is perfect shaped, so it is more simple to do it, of course, this is not easy as imagine. What is different is that many doll makeup artists have to face the strict requirements of customers.

There are also many types of solid sex dolls, and there are also bjd dolls with real-sized dolls. Bjd is a kind of doll with spherical joints. Because of its small size, the limbs can be flexibly rotated and are loved by many people, especially younger students. They are keen to change makeup for dolls. However, most of these cosmetic artists are exposed to immature clients, and they need to suffer more from communication.


On the other hand, the pressure on life-size sex dolls is much less. After all, such dolls need greater spending power. But the good news is that their clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc. can be used with humans and can be easily replaced, so more people ask the makeup artist to do it to make him more realistic, and the simulation role is more convincing. From skin texture to blood vessel lines, it has become an indispensable step in the doll simulation process.

Racyme is a manufacturer make it possible to enjoy both realistic beauty and great sex. Theirreal dolls are equipped with real life simulation design and a real beautiful artistic design is what we are all about.


In order to get a different experience, more and more customers choose to buy sex toys online, of course, including sex dolls.In order to gain sexual pleasure and happiness, people always try new ways. Adult male dolls are one of the ways. How to buy reliable and cheap sex dolls in the market of sex dolls? The following is for reference only.

New product

You should be aware that adult sex dolls used by men may contain a variety of pathogens and infectious substances that can cause serious health problems. This should be a prerequisite for purchase. In addition, you should also consider the after-sales problem in advance, because if it is damaged, or if the goods received are not as you expected, you do not want to or mail back, you need to be safe.

Choose a reputable brand

Many companies are authentic dolls, but not all companies are equally good. Most of these companies actually make poor quality materials just to get a higher profit. This may be good for you for you. Therefore, to find a reputable business can provide you with quality assurance and perfect after-sales service, you can listen to other people's opinions to analyze whether a store is worth buying.

Choose what you like

All of the above can only guarantee that you buy a quality sex dolls with good quality, but if you want to buy a sex doll in your ideal state, you need to browse some different kinds of sex dolls. Don't worry about this, because you can find some stores that sell adult sex dolls in a cost-effective way, and they are shipped in completely cautious packaging, so only you know what's inside the box.

Some adult sex doll are made from chemicals that are unsafe for the human body. These chemicals can cause itching, burning, rashes and tissue damage.

If you are buying a realistic sex doll made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE sex doll), then you need to consider and check the source of the factory. For example, a qualified factory: no phthalates. A handy technique for checking unsafe materials is the odor test. If the product has a strong odor, this is a good indicator of using cheap, unsafe materials to make it.


This latex material is commonly used to make dildo. It has a pungent odor and often causes an allergic reaction. If you buy a rubber sex toy, be sure to use a condom because it is porous.

But the solid sex doll is not contagious, you don’t have to be nervous when using it, you just need to put most of your work before you buy it. Here we have a recommendation.

On the softness level, silica gel or Tpe sex doll is softer and more elastic than meat.

As long as the lubricating oil is almost no difference, even if it is a small amount of lubricating oil, it is not comfortable.

Compared with the advantages of real people, it is convenient, cheap, hygienic, and can choose channels without lines.

Disadvantages TPE silicone has a long life and will become hard, easy to get dust, not easy to hide, not easy to care, and the steps will be cumbersome.

Whether it is a real person or a silicone doll, it will be greasy for a long time. The full-size sex doll is similar to people. It needs a lot of lubricants. It is just more beautiful than people. The disadvantage is that no one’s body temperature is long. The human skin receives the dust and will grow out of the body. The skin of the physical doll receives dust, and the spots are more and more. It is not easy to wash, and the density of sex is uncontrollable because it is not like human beings. Will object, the advantages and disadvantages of this depends on different people.

Those who has a TPE sex doll must known that TPE can easily be stained by some clothes.Since it is a kind of oily material.TPE doll has a tendency to absorb organic dyes easily.So some of you might think : is there a posiibility to utilize this trait of the TPE to tatoo the doll?

Or someone may ask whether such a tattoo sticker gives the TPE a permanent color, which will not cause a change in the color of the skin around the doll. Will it penetrate into other areas? If the tattoo is well occupied in the TPE, how can I remove it?



It is necessary to know that the principle of human tattoo is different. The body color is exclusive to the color of the tattoo. The human body recognizes that the ink of the tattoo is a foreign object, so the tattoo will change color after the wound is healed, and the oily component in the TPE will facilitate the diffusion of the ink and penetration.

If you use a temporary tattoo sticker, the end result is that the tattoo appears to be on the surface of the lifelike sex doll. If it comes into contact with the fabric, it will partially fall off. This is like tearing off a new tattoo sticker but only partially falling off. I think you should know the result.

Although the effect of tattoos is not ideal, there are still many people who are keen to try, will you be one of them?

How to tattoo TPE sex doll buy yourself?


For most people, masturbation is always better than real sex.

For general sex, you need sex time that two people can have.
Must be happy, have to get rid of things that life has accumulated in heart. Most of the true sex is not as enjoyable as our fantasy.So what fun can sex toys bring to you? Let’s take a deep look at how fun  masturbation sex toys  can bring you a pleasant experience.

Only when you get along with yourself is the real you, it is easier to find what suits you or what you want. You can watch your favorite pornography and imagine anything you want without being ashamed. You can even learn to control yourself and enjoy your time and happiness in your own way.


Help and heal the mind. In particular, the convenience and caution of the purchase method has made many people more inclined to choose  life-size sex dolls  as their sexual partners or just masturbation toys. Nor will it be infected with sexually transmitted infections. Whether it is a sexual partner, a girlfriend or a wife, we need to invest in our feelings and need to return. Sometimes this may be a burden. It is inevitable and cannot be solved. It is the easiest and most effective way to talk to yourself at this way.

Raw material

Life-size sex dolls generally use TPE as a raw material, which can achieve a realistic effect similar to that of the human body. In order to achieve a relatively realistic degree, it will increase the color of the chemical products and the adjustment of the fragrance during the processing. Usually when adding these things, they will be added according to the standards of environmental protection and safety, non-toxic and tasteless, so you should not care too much about these ingredients.

Online store

The main business model of TPE sex dolls is the traditional supply + agent sales model. The manufacturers are only responsible for high output, dumping to the market with quantity and low profit. Driven by the interests, many TPE product agents use offline stores + online direct sales, using information asymmetry, Internet coverage is not enough features, such as low-end users to buy products, due to the number of transfer times, some traditional crafts Entity dolls are delivered to amazing prices.


Buying a life-size sex doll is not an easy decision. Whether it’s money investment or energy and physical input, buyers have a lot of questions to consider before placing an order. Nowadays, the use of the ubiquitous sexual doll brothel, skill solving needs can also provide reference for customers, making the sex doll brothel become one of the popular. Maybe you will also try to go to the sex doll brothel before buying a sex doll.

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