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ksgwyjy che

Aldi unveil premium lingerie China lingerie line in time for Valentines Day and their black lace set is £200 cheaper than Agent Provocateur’s offering

IT’S won over savvy shoppers with its Wagyu beef burgers and caviar-infused anti-ageing serum.

But now Aldi is going one step further and delving into its customers’ underwear drawers in time for Valentine’s Day.

Aldi6Aldi has unveiled a premium lingerie line in time for Valentines Day

The German retailer has unveiled a premium lingerie line, which features blush pink camisoles, lace-trimmed push-up bras and pretty black briefs.

The romantic collection, which hits stores later this week, starts at a purse-friendly £3.99 so is ideal for those looking to spread the love on a budget.

Aldi says the stunning range is set to rival garments offered by designer stores.

Agent Provocateur6The German supermarket hopes to rival garments offered by high-end retailer Agent Provocateur, pictured

Aldi6Aldi is selling a pretty pink camisole and shorts set for just £9.99

A spokesperson commented: “Our Valentine’s Day lingerie collection is set to rival other high-end retailers.

“There are some seriously stylish additions. This year’s range is one ­everybody can fall in love with.”

A balconette bra that features lace detailing around the cups is a standout piece, alongside the co-ordinating pants. The items retail for £3.99 each.

Aldi6An Aldi spokesperson said there is something for everyone to love

The provocative set is strikingly similar to a two-piece offered by underwear experts Agent Provocateur that costs an eye-watering £220.

Their Stone bra and knickers set is made from sensuous silk sating and decadent gothic lace.

The garments are described as “hard-edged romance meets bold thrills”.

Aldis pink and black bras come in sizes 34B to 38D, and are priced at £3.99.Related StoriesREINING IT INAldi is launching a range of horse riding gear which costs less than a THIRD of price of items in top storesBRITAINS MOST BRAZEN THIEFShocking moment grinning fraudster bags £330 refund in Aldi after just picking a TV up off the shop floorBARGAIN FOODShoppers spend £15 less at Lidl and Aldi than big four supermarkets for large grocery shopsCHOCCY WOCCY HOO-HAAldi refuses to sell liqueur CHOCOLATE to mum because her daughter didnt have IDmountains of savingsWhat are Aldis Specialbuys for Thursday 12th January? Latest home and ski wear deals

The matching Brazilian-style knickers are also £3.99 a pair in sizes 8-18.

A glamorous sating nightwear set, featuring a cami top and shorts, is a purse-friendly £9.99.

Earlier this week, Aldi launched a horse riding clothing range which costs less than a third of the price of the items from top equestrian retailers.

Aldi6The lingerie line is ideal for those who are looking to show they care but on a budget

A horse blanket is £34.99, ladies breeches £29.99, a gilet £14.99 and horse head collars £3.99.

At top equestrian stores a horse blanket can cost £110, breeches, £124, gilet £113 and headcollar £49.

Maria Rossall, 60, of New House Farm livery stables at Winmarleigh, Lancs, said: “Parents often can’t keep up with the prices of horse riding gear.

“The jodhpurs have been a real hit with the girls down at the stables.

“And I know a few people who have bought the indoor and outdoor rugs – it’s great that riding equipment is being made affordable.

Aldi6Aldis limited-edition collections hits stores later this week

“It can be so expensive for people and the fact Aldi is stocking these items means riding can now stop being a niche hobby.

“The sport should be for all people and will help young kids get out and start being active and interacting with the natural world.”

Aldi said the horse gear was being stocked as a country living range — and denied it was getting above its station.

But Raquel Vidal, who supplies some of the top equestrian names from her shop in London’s posh Kensington, said: “I’ve never heard of Aldi.”

The store’s Tony Baines said it was “opening up the opportunity to all to try a new hobby”.Worlds hottest weather girl Yanet Garcia in new sexy lingerie videoThe Sun

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ksgwyjy che

Saudi Arabia lingerie China enforces law that allows only women to work in lingerie and cosmetics shops

Saudi Arabia enforces law that allows only women to work in lingerie and cosmetics shops Over 28,000 women have already applied for the jobs

ByNick Enoch Updated: 04:10 EDT, 3 January 2012


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Saudi Arabia's government announced today that it will begin enforcing a law that allows only females to work in women's lingerie and clothing stores, despite disapproval from the country's top cleric.

The 2006 law banning men from working in female apparel and cosmetic stores has never been put into effect.

This is partly because of the stance of hard-liners in the religious establishment, who oppose the whole idea of women working where men and women congregate together, like malls.

The ministry banned male assistants from working at lingerie shops as a first step to be followed by women-only sales staff at cosmetics outlets

Saudi women - tired of having to deal with men when buying undergarments - have boycotted lingerie stores to pressure them to employ women.

The government's decision to enforce the law goes into effect this Thursday. RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Saudi women given vote in 2015 will no longer need male approval to run for election Share this article Share

The country is home to Islam's holiest site in the city of Mecca and follows an ultra-conservative form of the religion known as Wahhabism.

Female-friendly: Saudi women no longer have to deal with the embarrassment of buying lingerie from male staff

The kingdom's religious police, under the control of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, enforce Saudi Arabia's strict interpretation of Islam, which prohibits unrelated men and women from mingling.

Women and men in Saudi Arabia remain highly segregated and are restricted in how they are allowed to mix in public.

The separation of men and women is not absolute.

Women in Saudi Arabia hold high-level teaching positions in universities and work as engineers, doctors, nurses and a range of other posts.

The strict application of Islamic law forced an untenable situation in which women, often accompanied by uncomfortable male relatives, have to buy their intimate apparel from men behind the counter.

Over the past several weeks, some women have already begun working in the stores.

And with the kingdom boasting 7,353 lingerie shops in total, there is clearly demand from fashion-forward Saudi women.

Attire beneath the burka is naturally a very private issue, and only for the eyes of a woman's husband.

One option is a shalwar kameez - a loose-fitting trouser dress combination. Also popular, as many high-end fashion houses will attest, is Western-style clothing.

Although the decision affects thousands of men who will lose their sales jobs, the Labour Ministry said that more than 28,000 women, many of them South Asian migrants, have already applied for the positions.

Saudi's Arabia's most senior cleric, Sheik Abdul-Aziz Al Sheikh, spoke out against the Labour Ministry's decision in a recent sermon, saying it contradicts Islamic law.

'The employment of women in stores that sell female apparel and a woman standing face to face with a man selling to him without modesty or shame can lead to wrongdoing, of which the burden of this will fall on the owners of the stores,' he said.

He also urged store owners to fear God and not compromise on taboo matters.

And here's the man to thank...

He's probably not the first person you would have on your mind as being the face of lingerie, but King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has become something of a hero to women in his home country.

It was he who issued the decree banning all men from working in lingerie shops to end 'embarrassment' suffered by women who don't want to give men their measurements.

Saudi women working in the outlets got embroiled in a dispute three years ago with the Labour Ministry and the powerful religious authority, which issued a fatwa banning such jobs.

Unlikely hero: King Abdullah of Saudia Arabia issued a decree banning men from working in lingerie shops which is now being enforced by the labour ministry

The decree from the king was part of a push to reduce the amount of female unemployment in the conservative kingdom, currently at around 30 per cent.

Saudi women say they have been uncomfortable buying lingerie from men and would prefer female sales assistants.

Fatima Garub, founder of a Facebook campaign called 'Enough Embarrassment', backed the king's decision saying it would create about 6,000 jobs for Saudi women.

'From now, embarrassment will end,' she said. 'We thank the king who felt our problem and took the decision that we have been waiting for a long time.'

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Neha Tandan

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