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ylq Sep 18
Clear the cigarette lawsuit, the clear and additionally natural smell of cigarettes shoot out with the reek of paper, can damage and smokes, the cigarette boasts a relatively large suction reluctance, the amount about smoke is small, and there is very little clear scratching feeling on the nose and can range f. The temperature for the smoke is softer and meticulous, without the presense of smooth and smooth feeling for the old brand. All the comfort of moving into the lungs is normally flat, lack about mellowness, and an adequate amount of permeability, but very first tobacco aroma could be very clear. Under all the fine product, I often think that the fragrance for the fragrance is inherited really well, and it is there to the same line for the old version for the hard blue Furong Wang, mainly the reason for the hollow filter, the flue gas will be agglomerated and high altitude than hard. As well as the quality is frequent, its taste 's still very good. Abdominal muscles D burst drops? It has a good quality balance instinct. As soon as crushed beads Marlboro Gold, all the taste is individual and sweet, and the sweetness is more preferable than fine. In the latter perhaps the incineration, under the guidance for the bursting beads, the aroma for the smoke is elevated quite a lot, the aroma is normally abundant, the moisturizing feeling is as well cultivated a number, and the essence is doubled. The smoke isn't really frizzy, and the two-stage worthless filter still has something to discover. In terms about holding ash, they can be a good one, but it is very good. Your entire cigarette can endure after smoking, which proves that the standard of the cigarette is normally good. The cigarette case is especially blue, supplemented just by gold. Although not the mainstream for the brand, it is normally elegant and immensely lofty. Added all the blasting bead recognise. The classic guide lines continued, revealing respectable and gentle cosmetic results. The physical and additionally chemical values and additionally product barcodes relating to the left side, and therefore the right side proves the position of origin, consequently they are also printed along with the ring and The person logo. Cigarette strategy you, the change for the cigarette holder is specially big, the deep blue filter end, the unique sq hollow filter end, perfectly replace all the old version for the groove filter, it's always both natural and additionally stylish. The huge bead expression is printed relating to the filter, which is normally slightly exaggerated Cigarettes For Sale. It is the intention about overcoming temperament. The filter is normally 34mm long there are no defocus damaged spot. The tobacco leaves behind are cut by means of great craftsmanship and reputable.
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