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ylq Apr 15
During the day, everyone is rushing for life. Whether it is white-collar workers or migrant workers, they need to use their own labor to maintain their own lives. Under the labor distribution system, everyone with dreams is hardworking. At night, everyone started their own life, there are entertainment activities, there are also delicious food, there are three or five groups, there are also waiting alone. There is a special kind of person who, under the protection of the night, also begins their life. It is the term that dew couples are going to say today, especially those migrant workers who are not well-paid Newport Cigarette Cartons. Those white-collar workers and gold collars also have such activities, but they can be more blatant and more reasonable. They are all people who have left their homes. They are working alone and in order to survive. They may be responsible for the expenses of a family or even two families. For low-income people, these are not easy things. It may cost only two thousand yuan per month for family expenses, but they can't afford it. The Chinese civilization of thousands of years seems to make the normal physiological needs unreasonable. No one dares to discuss this need in public, it will be looked down upon. The so-called morality will make people become the driving force of King Kong; the so-called concept of honesty and shame makes people hide the most basic needs. I don't know if this is a moral kidnapping, an unwritten rule, and I firmly hold countless people. Some of the migrant workers who work outside the home, in order to save rent, some do have physical needs. I have to go to the edge of morality, and I have long been acquainted with people. In today's view, their behavior is unreasonable and not normal. In the face of human nature and personal freedom, no one is qualified to deprive others of their most primitive needs. Some people say that the law stipulates that the premise is that you need to understand the nature of the law, the purpose and starting point of the law. When I was working in Daya Bay, there were nine people living in eight beds in the dormitory. On the bed near the door, there are two people in their forties Newport Coupons For Cartons. Their beds are surrounded by paper boxes, which seem to be another world. Once, the big sister went to work, and the male host invited me to watch TV. I discovered that there was a TV on the bed, and every time they watched TV with headphones, or the voice was muted. When I went to the public phone booth to call home, I accidentally saw the big sister sitting next door to me. I can feel her kind of happiness, as if I was asking my child's academic performance. At first they thought they were husband and wife. Later, the dormitory administrator said that they were only temporarily cohabiting. There were many such situations in the factory of 30,000 people. The rent outside is too expensive, and the factory can't provide enough dorms, so it's the default. When they send their monthly salary, they will send the money home and leave a little painting. I also saw the big brother, bought melon seeds for my eldest sister, and felt that they were happy at that moment. When the Spring Festival is approaching, they will each go home, and no one will affect each other's lives. Perhaps this is the only time in this era. They are just the most ordinary people. In an extraordinary period, they have done something that is against morality and basically cannot be understood by anyone. The project department has a married "bad" sister. The reason why we say this is because everyone knows that she often dates to an unmarried man in the project department. After work, two people walk along the road. Some people also said that she would give the male colleague a meal in the middle of the night Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping, and some people said that she would see her out of other people's quarters in the morning. When I am bored, I will think, does she not love her husband, do not love her children? However, the last time I took a vacation, I clearly saw that she brought two lock boxes and two backpacks. In Dubai, I also desperately buy chocolate for my son, buy clothes and shoes. There are also smoke and wine, she said that her husband and children like things. I seem to see it, their family's three cheerful smiles, those are from the heart. What kind of wife is Yinhui, and what is it through? At this moment, she is not a virtuous wife and a competent mother. It seems that she saw her behind her hands and took a step to go out for a walk with her male colleague. At that moment she was clearly a little girl, she was not happy. Dew couples seem to be far away from us, but they are by our side. It��s just that they don��t dare to open up, and they can��t afford the pressure of public opinion. It's just that they have the most basic life issues, who will solve them and how their most basic needs are met. The society is still developing, and I believe that one day Newport 100S Carton Cheap, this phenomenon will disappear. Everyone does not need to leave their homes, everyone can live the life they want, and who is willing to take the risk Cigarette Cartons Wholesale
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