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ylq Apr 15
At the beginning, I was not able to accept too slow pace. The speed of speaking, the style of doing things, the type of film that I love to watch. Sometimes I often think of the long shots in "The Season Suitable for Breakup", which is difficult to understand, slow and slow. I will slowly adapt to this beat when I look at it now. The slow-moving scenes that are easy to ignore are not the windy months in life. The state of mind that is gradually diverging and difficult to divide is a process of cumulative accumulation. The wife always cried inexplicably, and the lover always laughed inexplicably. After all, time has turned each other into the shadow of each other. Can not be separated, but also not close. The slow-paced long shot is the epitome of life. I can't tell the sleek and slow time, life is like a can of expired pineapple cans Usa Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, expired not sold, if I am slower, can I just enjoy it completely just one day before the expiration. The Japanese who have always been an acute child have watched the slow-paced Japanese TV drama "Princess Cabin". The speed of speaking and the style of doing things all have a lazy taste. Very dull, very slow, and very warm. I like it very much. The characters in the play are also set slowly, slow and cute, slow and interesting. Have a dream. The 26-year-old female owner has been looking for an apartment that is suitable for her own living, saving her food and using it, step by step toward her own goal, no hurry. Have strength. Buying a home is something that only one person can do. You don't need to be married because you are married because you want to buy it. Have feelings. This house is not a valuable choice for appreciation, but a thing that gives the heart a sense of security and belonging Newport Carton Cigarettes. It is a place where you can live forever. But I prefer to pass the whole show to me for a slow enjoyment. No love, only life. A daily life like someone around you. The bitterness in the plainness is moving. There is a saying in the play that "the so-called house is formed by including everything that comes in from outside." The same is true of life. It's all minutes and seconds, all of them are made up. Slowly move towards a more full life, slowly move towards more diverse friends and slowly realize your dreams. When eating ice cream, I like to wait until it has overflowed from the completely frozen state. I like it to lie on the cold tip of the tongue, and the sweet and greasy taste melts on the taste bud. That's the state I think is the best, not too irritating to the teeth and irritating into the throat because of the rush to the entrance. I used to think that waiting for the bus was the most desperate thing, and I couldn��t help but look at the intersection. I also hope that every stop will not stop straight to the end, rush to the next bus or return home to announce liberation. It seems that I have begun to accept this long process. Look at the opposite side of the bus stop, watch each passing car, watch the pedestrians dress, listen to the shredded conversations of others. I will also look forward to extending the time on the road Order Newport Cigarettes, listening to a song, and seeing where I go every day. The smell of the new green leaves, the scent of flower vines, the delicate makeup of the girl, and the dishes bought by the old lady��s market have made the process no longer rushed. They let me calm down and slowly feel the triviality and beauty of life. When you like someone, you always expect to hear the other person's answer faster. And shouldn't it be a slow process? The time with ta is slower. If you listen to a ta, you can take a look at the way ta walks and feel the rhythm of the heartbeat Newport Online Cigarettes. Slowly planning the surprises in my heart, meticulous understanding, meticulous arrangement, a long journey, a sweet smile, a soft hug, and waiting for the other party to cry. They are all in a hurry. Capturing love is not a one-time thing. After work, the tired body is also willing to buy a fish for the other side to go to the market, wash it, cut it evenly, cook it in the pot, and then sit and discuss the people and things in a day or plain or novel. Because the way to feel happiness in the slow, accepting the plain love, will turn a blind eye to the world of red and green. A few days ago, I was very popular with Mu Xin��s "Slow in the past". In the morning, the train station was long and dark, and there was no pedestrian selling soya milk. The store was braving the heat. The former daylight became slow, the horse, the mail was slow and only loved one person but I I like his "Lend Me" to lend me a leap year, borrowing my fragments, lending me to my former and my post, and lending me to be a teenager. Borrowing my innate nature, I will never change. Borrowing my initial and final daring, I borrowed it without saying anything. Let me borrow a fall, but you said it was winter. I want to borrow the slowness of this life, borrow a long life, catch the story in this slow time, make a photo, cut it into a movie, draw it into a collection, write it into a poem, and feel my life in any form. No misses, no regrets, no rumors and people coming back and forth. The midnight dreams are the longest Newport Coupons For Cartons, long and short memories come in, like playing together the past and present time, the visitors only have their own, but the most shocking. I hope that my friends will be able to withstand the passage of time as in the Summer of Jeans, and the ends of the earth will be remembered. I hope that the lover is as long-lasting as in "Love Notebook", and it is not too greasy to be old. I hope that companionship is just like the "violent cloud and the delivery of the crane". It is just fine. I hope that life is like "Faithful Dogs". No matter where I am, it follows me and is loyal to me. Then slow, slow, slow, slow, and live. 
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