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ylq Apr 26

We are all sick. When we put the treasure on the ground, we will worry about bug biting, embroidering, and there will be thieves dig holes to steal, and when we come to the end of life one day, it��s clear that we have been in our lives. I was bound by the rules and regulations, never jumped out, you and I are twenty years old, just young, not 80 years old, old-fashioned dragon clock, if you can't even rush to this cage, then the meaning of youth is where we are sick We have been running in the wind all the time. Most of the time it may be a blind obedience. It is like we throw stones from the shoulders, but we never pay attention to where the stones fall. The road ahead is long, there is no direction, blind walking, will Are there any results? We are all ill. We are in a relatively free environment. Most of them are ignorant and wrong. They are full of human troubles, busy with vulgar and unnecessary things. Maybe forever. We can't pick the fruit that is called the beautiful fruit. We are all sick. We have inadvertently changed under the influence of certain things in the times Newport Carton Wholesale. We lied, flattered, saw the wind and rudder, and received ourselves Cheap Smokes Online Free Shipping. Within a seemingly humble shell, or swell into a thin, full of water, we are all sick, or no disease, or beat the chicken blood, brush the circle of friends, brush microblogging, it is time to pick up again The habit of reading, let the fragmented information generate a set of own knowledge system, a valuable way of thinking that belongs to us Cheap Newport 100 Cigarettes Free Shipping. We are all sick. We insist on the last second, and we will count on the next second. Let's go! The so-called resignation is a kind of despair that has been confirmed. It is a kind of negation to yourself. "Do not fight, do not resist", do not fight with fate, let the soul of the ship travel to the rules for the rest of your life, you want We are all ill, when natural development adapts to our growing environment, we are full of joy, and when natural development adapts to our weaknesses, the endless anxiety and tension become an incurable Formalism, but you have thought about it, the compass draws a circle, the radius is countless, and the circle is countless. If we just pray in the middle of the night, do not seek direction, and give ourselves to the impermanent number of lives, then we can imagine that we All are ill, blindly eager to live in the comfort of life, looking for the seemingly warm comfort zone, but you know, the strong is born to find discomfort for themselves, to turn all kinds of discomfort into comfort Cigarettes For Sale Cheap, this may be A greater kind of wisdom in life, we are all pursuing success. Can we go far after being sick? Don't make excuses for yourself, follow your own heart, close your eyes at night and ask yourself what you want, why do you start, and when will you end? I want to say Cheap Carton, we just think too much. There are too few readings, and it is impossible to integrate the informatized and fragmented things into a system of coherence, to think about forming a set of knowledge systems, and to read and write the best way to integrate their own views and communicate with the world. After writing for a long time, it will become a way of life or spiritual cultivation. We are just a fool of the times. There is no real way of thinking about the times. We don��t need to master the ancient times. Knowledge, but learn to explore the development space of new things with a dissident thinking 

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