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Sex dolls "from children's dreams to men's needs journey"

Like what they used to call a simple sex dolls or rubber doll. About 20 years ago, this man (also a woman) only had to arrange for a woman or a man to make it from vinyl. Today is different. Today there are silicone or TPE dolls. These are surreal love dolls that are placed in a "location" that looks very similar to a real person. In the picture, they are no longer distinguished from "original".

TPE doll
First of all, it must be clearly stated that the TPE doll is not a silicone doll. TPE is an abbreviation for thermoplastic elastomer. Although "TPE dolls" are often referred to by some merchants as "silicone dolls." I think some people will do this. The answer seems obvious. From the price of silicone dolls, TPE dolls seem to be very cheap. Quasi-"cheap silicone doll". So for many awkward dealers, this may be a welcome comparison. It is said to be an expensive silicone doll, on the other hand, it is said to be a cheap TPE doll. But is this true?

TPE love dolls Maren is 148 cm 6 cm larger than the opposite silicone doll Luisa. This may be explained by some as an advantage. But some people like it "smaller." Because it's only about 6 cm, you can ignore this instead of saying that the dolls are similar in size. However, if we compare two dolls once from the mop, we see that TPE doll Maren brings 29 kg, while the silicone doll Luisa only has 25 kg. In that case, less is more. According to my experience, I know that the owners of love dolls attach great importance to "weight". Most people want to make it easier. Silicone doll Luisa may only need 4 kg to prove 401, - EUR? Maybe! In addition, silicone is more durable than TPE. Well-processed silicones can survive for hundreds of years and are often easily repaired by their owners and are not harmful to health. Is it not possible to deal with two roughly the same dolls? Finally, only quality is important! And this depends on the maker of the doll. Therefore, it is important to buy such a doll at which dealer.

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