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Funko Pops are unique with their big eyes and large heads. But that isn’t enough to draw in a large crowd.


Mainly pops have three things going for them.




     Easiness to Collect


Did you know some pops are worth over $1,000? The price ranges of different pops can be as affordable as $4 on a bargain shelf to hundreds of dollars in a collector’s vault somewhere hermetically sealed in a hard stack. The value alone can be a huge driving factor for many people seeking out after rare pops.


It’s not just the value all the time, however. Yes, exclusivity and scarcity increase the demand for things, especially collector items. However, the licensing that Funko has obtained over the years is quite expansive. They have a vast library to choose from and make characters from all over. Some as obscure as Saga to as big as Marvel. They make tons of different characters that people love and this large collection of licensed materials allows them to reach out across multiple different fan bases.


The easiness to collect pops and Funko action figures can also be contributed to its popularity and success. They come in neat windowed packages and are easy to store. They can be displayed in various different places and they can be pretty much found anywhere (Target, Walmart, Hot Topic, Walgreens, Comic Stores, mom n pop toy stores, etc.)


Combine all three factors and you’ve got a fan base waiting to happen. Most people buy just one and can be content but a majority also can’t help themselves and complete the set. After all, it always starts with “just one”.


There is a Funko Pop for literally anyone and anything. From TV Shows like The Golden Girls to the Office, from Cartoons like Spongebob & Rick and Morty, sports athletes, video game characters, musicians, horror villains, movie-based characters, there is literally a Funko Pop for virtually anything.


Difference between actions figures and dolls:


Traditionally, yes there is a difference between Funko action figures and dolls. Action figures tend toward a more muscular build without removable clothes, molded on plastic hair, and are usually modeled after superheroes or other TV show characters.


Dolls don’t always have as much articulation as an action figure (unless we’re talking Made to Move Barbie), and usually have removable clothing and style-able hair.


But anymore, those lines blur. Dolls have as much articulation as action figures, some dolls don’t have removable clothes, some action figures do and have brush and style hair.


There is a genre of dolls known as Action Figure Dolls. Your superhero dolls like Wonder Woman, Star Wars, and the WWE Superstars dolls, all of which have a more muscular build than standard Barbie type dolls and are meant for the type of play you’d engage in with standard action figures, with the clothing swapping and hairstyling ability of a doll.

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