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Final Fantasy XIV players have many things to do in the game, such as completing a wonderful storyline, participating in PvP and so on. At the same time, they also have a decent quality of life, and this requires players to have some FFXIV Gil to embark on a journey in this fantastic land. FFXIV Gil is the currency in Final Fantasy XIV. Just like the British Pound or Japanese Yen, FFXIV Gil is the basis for all legal transactions in Final Fantasy XIV.

FFXIV Gil has too many functions, players need it to make materials, enter the dungeon, buy mounts to travel around the world, and so on. Fortunately, there are many ways to get it in the game. When players perform regular tasks, they can upgrade their characters and get valuable loot. Most importantly, they can also get FFXIV Gil.

Players can find various main scene tasks by searching for NPCs. Some MSQs have higher level requirements than others, which means it will also award more FFXIV Gil. Although the task can be a fun and overall rewarding experience, it can also allow you to earn FFXIV Gil, but so far, this is not the fastest way to earn FFXIV Gil.

Making is a relatively quick method. The disciples profession is divided into Disciples of the Land and Disciples of the Hand, and the number of FF14 Gil obtained for each profession is different. The most profitable courses are lchemist, Culinarian, Blacksmith, and Goldsmith. Focusing on these courses will definitely win players a certain amount of FFXIV Gil.

If the day-to-day training in the game is no longer attractive to the player, then the player can also try to Buy FFXIV Gil online, which only requires the player to pay some cash. IGGM is a store specializing in MMORPG gold coins. The products are not only cheap, but also safe and reliable. Come on!
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The 2021 Golden Joystick Awards amazed the audience, paying tribute to some of the best films of this year. Especially a few days before large-scale expansion takes center stage, a game is becoming the focus of people's attention. Yes, Final Fantasy XIV is news again.

For many years, the Final Fantasy XIV community has been known on the Internet as one of the most friendly gamers on the planet. It abandons the stereotype of MMO, and the game is officially known as the winner of the Best Game Community Award. Final Fantasy XIV defeated some very fierce competition to win the trophy, including Monster Hunter Rise, No Man’s Sky, and Destiny 2.

The first iteration of Final Fantasy XIV was released in 2010, a commercial and serious failure. After leadership changes and a series of improvements, Final Fantasy XIV was released in 2013 and achieved great success. The upcoming Endwalker expansion will end the story that began in the original version, and there are more ways in the game to help players Buy FFXIV Gil. And Yoshida has promised that the story of the game has been arranged for the next ten years.

Final Fantasy XIV can be played on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. The current player base of the game has exceeded 24 million, making it the most popular MMO in the world. The highly anticipated Endwalker expansion pack will be released on December 7, 2021, and will be available in early access on December 3. Players can buy FFXIV Gil in advance online.


The Limitless Blue is a level 57 trial in Final Fantasy XIV. First introduced in the Heavensward expansion pack, this trial operates slightly differently from other trials that players may be accustomed to. This demo will introduce some new mechanisms that players need to pay attention to. Let us review each stage of this trial and how to overcome them to Buy FFXIV Gil.

This trial will be conducted on a floating island. Players fall from any side of the island and they will all die. There is a Dragonkiller on both sides of the island, and players need to use it regularly throughout the battle. In addition, it is best for players to prepare adequate FFXIV Gil when challenging missions.

Your goal is to defeat Bismarck before he destroys the island. The integrity of the island is indicated by the bar on the right side of the screen. Bismarck will start the trial by hitting the island violently, reducing the integrity of the island by 14% and shocking all players. Then he will summon two adds that will use knockback AoEs, defeat these adds to prepare Dragonkiller.

Once Bismarck is locked on the island, his chitin carapace will be exposed. Move to Bismarck's back to damage the carapace. If the player is not on his back, it will not cause damage. In addition, over time, players standing on Bismarck's back will receive a small amount of damage. A healer should use AoE Regen skills to solve this problem. During this time, IGGM has promotional activities, players who want to buy FFXIV Gil can check it out.

There are some advantages to the player owning an apartment room, which makes it different from the experience of living in a manor. Final Fantasy XIV players will not risk losing their homes due to lack of subscription time. All apartment buildings have market committees, fixed clocks and chocobo stable interiors. The first two are mainly for convenience, while the latter allows players to train their chocobo companions or change their FFXIV Gil.

Another benefit of owning an apartment room is the discount delivery to the building. There are several NPCs in the building, including repairmen, Moogle postmen, and merchants. The latter sells various items to decorate the room and allows private vendors to be hired. However, if the player has already stepped into the Final Fantasy XIV production course, then the player can simply make the furniture themselves. Or players can use FFXIV Gil to get the items they want.

Although the apartment rooms are much smaller than the lowest estate, they all include at least a full basement. An apartment can also accommodate up to 4 businesses, but they also reduced the total space to 100. The walls, floors and lighting of the apartment can also be adjusted. Although the apartment has only one room, the ceiling is high, allowing players to create attic with specific items. This includes factory stairs, wooden steps, wooden staircase bookshelves and wooden attic.

Since Final Fantasy XIV players do not own this land, they cannot adjust any content related to the complex itself. This means that any external items or designs are useless, and they cannot even be placed in storage facilities. Nor can it build any outdoor furniture, resulting in unusable items and complicated gardening methods. People can still plant basic flowers and produce in their rooms, but without a complete garden, they cannot crossbreed for rarer items and higher profits. Finally, players who want to Buy FFXIV Gil should choose IGGM.

Owning an apartment room in Final Fantasy XIV may be a good investment. It provides players with more customization and benefits than just staying in a hotel room. Apartment room also has a completely fixed price, regardless of supply and demand, they all have static value. This makes it much cheaper than owning the Final Fantasy XIV manor which could cost millions of FFXIV Gil.

The houses in Final Fantasy XIV always contain a part of the live service that is affected by the player. Due to server pressure, only a limited number of houses and apartment rooms can exist at one time. Some world servers will have a large number of apartment rooms, while other servers may not have them at all. Players should conduct reconnaissance on each residential area, ward, and district until they Buy FFXIV Gil that suits their needs.

To be eligible to purchase apartments in Final Fantasy XIV, players must reach level 50 in any profession. This is best done as a combat course, as it requires completing level 44 dungeon Dzemael Darkhold, level 47 dungeon Aurum Vale, defeating many monsters around the world highlighted in the hunting log, and a total of 44,000 Grand Company Seals.

Once reaching this level or higher, the player can go to any residential area, each with an instantiated apartment complex. Every room in a complex is always 500,000 FFXIV Gil, which is much cheaper than owning a manor. This fee will not be refunded when the room or area is intentionally moved, but if the player chooses to participate in the Final Fantasy XIV population balance incentive and completely leaves the crowded world, the fee will not be refunded. Players who want to get more FFXIV Gil can also buy online.


Players who have entered the charm of Final Fantasy XIV must have heard of Taffeta Cloth suits, which are known for their attractive appearance. To make this suit, players need Taffeta Cloth, which is specifically for Taffeta Shawl and Loincloth. Any craftsman in Final Fantasy XIV will know that rare crafting materials usually require a lot of polishing. Taffeta Cloth is no exception. Player retainers are the only way to get FFXIV Gil.

To obtain Taffeta Cloth, Final Fantasy XIV players must let their Retainers begin an exploration adventure, which is a special task that takes 18 hours to complete. After Retainer completes their adventure, they will get a certain amount of XP and provide random items to the player. The items that players will get are completely dependent on RNG. However, there are still few requirements for the possible decline of Taffeta Cloth.

Taffeta Cloth mainly comes from Retainer Field Explorations. In particular, players must send their holders in Field Explorations XIII or higher. For these enterprises, the keeper's job level should be at least 50, and the equipment's equipment level should be 60 or higher. Some players claim that Taffeta Cloth drops can also come from Waterside Exploration XIII and Woodland Exploration XIII. Alternatively, players can get Taffeta Cloth from the Marketing Committee, but its price may be very expensive, and players need to pay a large amount of FFXIV Gil.

In order to increase their luck in obtaining Taffeta Cloth, players should focus on upgrading their retainer to level 50 or higher. The fastest way to upgrade Retainers is to send them to Quick Explorations. These can be completed in just one hour. However, they provide less XP, but still cost Ventures x 2 like 18 hours of exploration. The easiest way to breed Ventures is to purchase them using Grand Company Seals. Use Quick Discovery to quickly upgrade Retainers only to those players who have enough FFXIV Gil to grow Ventures and check their Retainers frequently. In addition, IGGM has a Black Friday event from November 23rd to November 30th. Players who want to Buy FFXIV Gil can use the code "Friday" to get a 5% discount.


In Final Fantasy XIV, there are four ways to obtain The Fluorite Ring, and the player market version is one of them. However, there are some wealthy players who don't want to spend too much time and energy on this, so they can use FFXIV Gil to buy from other players. Or, The Fluorite Ring of Final Fantasy XIV can be obtained through a simple quest line, a goldsmith, or a lesser-known jeweler in Ul'dah.

To obtain the Fluorite Ring in The Fluorite Ring, players must talk to the weird Gridanian researcher Marcette at Central Shroud at X: 16.5, Y: 18.6. She is the mission provider of Fungal Frolic, which is the first of three The Fluorite Ring missions. Players must defeat specific enemies in the nearby area to Buy FFXIV Gil.

The easiest way to get The Fluorite Ring is to buy it from the pecific jewelry shopkeeper in Ul'dah, although many players may not be familiar with this supplier. The seller’s name is Sileas, and players can use the Aetheryte Shard of the Goldsmith Guild to enter her store. She also sells the Flawless Band, which is an item needed to get married in Final Fantasy XIV. Players can purchase The Fluorite Ring from her for 1,735 FFXIV Gil.

The last method is made by Goldsmith. Players need a goldsmith level 28 to make The Fluorite Ring, which requires two materials: Fluorite and Silver Ingot. Finally, for players who have not collected a certain number of FFXIV Gil, I suggest that they can buy FFXIV Gil online.


The announcement of Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker caused an uproar in the community. It is the latest extension of Square Enix's successful MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. The latest news shows that it will be released on December 7, players can collect FFXIV Gil in advance.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker has three new areas. Labyrinthos is a huge room containing well-maintained knowledge and inventions. Located below Old Sharlayan, it contains a lot of secrets for players who want to become heroes to explore.

Formerly the seat of an empire with a large number of magicians in the northern region, Garlemald was reduced to ruins by a devastating civil war that reduced the once proud capital to the shadow of its powerful old self. Moreover, if Garlemald does not seem to have any life, Thavnair is on the contrary, it welcomes adventurers with gorgeous, sultry tropical regions, through which the low hum and vivid tones of dormant magic can be heard and seen.

There are two brand new raids in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, and even the strongest fighters will be tested. The first is the new Myths of the Realm alliance raid. The task is to allow players to pool their power and tactical wisdom to solve the story of the twelve gods who ruled Eorzea. Next is an advanced raid called Pandemonium. This is a mysterious new challenge. A group of heroes will descend underground to fight against an ancient and chaotic evil force. In addition, players can choose IGGM to Buy FFXIV Gil.

The Final Fantasy XIV retainer is a great way for players to use their imagination in the character creator without affecting the appearance of their own playable avatars. However, sometimes players may wish to change the appearance of their followers. For this, players need a special consumable called Retainer Fantasia.

Players need to ensure that all Final Fantasy XIV equipment and accessories of Retainer are not equipped before using Fantasia. They should note that the main tools or weapons that determine the work of the holder do not need to be removed. Players can obtain Retainer Fantasia in Final Fantasy XIV in two ways.

The first and most straightforward way to change the appearance of the fixture in Final Fantasy XIV is to purchase the fixture fantasia from the Player Market Committee. On average, a vial should cost about 20,000 FFXIV Gil. However, this cost may be slightly lower or higher, depending on the server. Newer Final Fantasy XIV players can farm FFXIV Gil to purchase other rare items, such as emoticons or creeps, and instead can passively obtain Retainer Fantasia.

The second way to obtain Retainer Fantasia is by planting Final Fantasy XIV Retainer Ventures. After the player's guard reaches level 10, they will be able to activate "Quick Exploration", an RNG-based adventure activity in which a guard will always return with a single random item. Or players can Buy FFXIV Gil directly to get it.

The level of the Retainer determines the rewards of "quick exploration" and the quality of the items obtained. In addition, there are some FFXIV Gil that can only be obtained during the "quick exploration" period, one of which is the risk vault. Once consumed, the risk vault will reward the player with one of several rare universal dyes or a bottle of Retainer Fantasia. After acquiring or purchasing Retainer Fantasia, Final Fantasy XIV players must talk to the Retainer Vocate NPC to change the appearance of their Retainer.

The housing market in Final Fantasy XIV has always been a highly competitive scene. The demand for land has not yet met the current in-game supply, resulting in a shortage of housing on the server. Even without this additional challenge, acquiring a residential plot and building a house in Final Fantasy XIV requires a lot of work and a lot of FFXIV Gil.

In Final Fantasy XIV, housing is so expensive that most of them are owned by members of free companies rather than individuals, because concentrating funds in the company’s treasure chest is a more effective way to save money to Buy FFXIV Gil. With more players trying Final Fantasy XIV than ever before, the plot shortage may only get worse. Hopefully, after adding more servers in the near future, some of these problems will be alleviated.

At the same time, thanks to the Ebuyer website, the pricing of Final Fantasy XIV houses has been compared with real-world currencies. The site configures the actual housing cost in video games by taking in-game items and placing the price in pounds sterling on them before converting them to U.S. dollars. Of course, the method here is not perfect, because the price fluctuates in games such as Final Fantasy XIV and in the real world. Nonetheless, it is interesting to see how the value of houses in MMORPG translates into real dollars.

Although the new data center is about to launch, the housing shortage in Final Fantasy XIV may continue for some time. However, this does not seem to affect house prices. When comparing the value of FFXIV Gil and USD, house prices are still far below the US real estate market. Regardless of the flaws in Ebuyer's methodology, this is an interesting way to understand the actual value of the residential land and buildings in Final Fantasy XIV.

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