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Bhavini Datta

There are a million reasons you will want to spend time with escorts in Chennai, like:

1. Your job or business keeps you so busy that you do not find time experience the intimacy you desire.

2. They are the most beautiful and intelligent women on the planet.

3. You are looking for the excitement that comes from striking up a conversation and spending time with a stranger.

4. You want the company of a woman without being bogged down into commitments of any sort.

Whatever your reason, it is important that you do not blur the lines between professional and personal intimacy and fall in love with the woman you have met through a Chennai escort agency. It can be difficult at times, but if you are cautious, it is achievable. In fact, thousands of successful men like you in Chennai are already doing it.

It is natural to feel wanted, desired and appreciated after a visit to a Chennai escort. But do not let those feelings overwhelm you.Most men cannot bear the emotional blow that comes from seeing the woman they have just spent time with pack her bag and walk away to meet another client. It arouses in them a sense of protection, which is not right. It is important to keep in mind that your escort in Chennai is not Pretty Woman and you are not Richard Gere.

If emotional intimacy is on your mind, stick to dating. But do not try to turn your escort into your date. It will hurt you in a big way.You should realize that the woman you were intimate with has not even probably told you her real name. It is standard industry practice.

“But she made me feel special!”

If that’s what you are thinking, then be warned. It is her job to make you feel special. She does with all her clients. If she did not, she would not be able to pay her bills. Do not think it is manipulation. It is business. You paid her for a service. She delivered you a good service. Enjoy. But do not fall into the trap thinking she is in love with you.

So how do you stop yourself? There are three popular techniques:

1. Imagine her at your home. Are you OK with your parents meeting her and telling them the truth about her profession? Say QUIT if you aren’t.

2. Will you be OK with her continue her profession after marrying you? Stop dreaming about her if you find the idea repulsive.

3. Date a new woman every time you visit an Anna Nagar escort agency. It works. Chennai escorts are pretty and intelligent. They make you feel special. It is natural to fall in love with them. But as a responsible client, and for your own well-being, you should keep your feelings in check. The techniques suggested in this article may help you.

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Bhavini Datta

One of the rarely uttered requirements to being an escort is to be pretty. While not every escort in Chennai is comparable to a Greek goddess in looks, the trend is rather clear: your typical professional comparison tends to possess more attractive looks than an average woman. But is looks enough? While many people, especially those who have never had a chance to spend time with a Chennai escort, will say that look is the only thing needed to being an escort, we do not agree. Being in this industry for many years and after having served many high-profile clients from India and abroad we are confident that beauty although an important asset in itself but alone cannot turn a woman into a successful escort.

To shine in the industry and to satisfy clients, a Chennai escort needs more than a pretty face. The clients, who typically pay for high-end escorts, are not lacking in female companionship. They pay top dollar for quality time, which includes light but intelligent conversation. That brings us to the top two qualities an escort must possess if she is looking for a long-term career in the industry. Being aware of what these qualities should be of interest to clients to avoid being duped by cute faces with little or non-existing communication skills and a lack of sense of humor.


Communication Skill of an escort


Although an escort’s looks can render a client speechless, it is how she communicates that gets her bookings. A woman, who is uncomfortable expressing herself concisely, may leave an impression of being unwilling or uncomfortable in the job and can spoil her client’s evening. For clients too, it is difficult to decipher unclear messages and can lead to awkward situations.

Humor of your Girl


After communication, if something matters, it is her sense of humor. There is a joke in the industry that an Anna Nagar escort with a sense of humor is only as much fun as an escort with a contraceptive. It makes it easier for clients, especially those who are first timers, to build rapport and have a nice time. To sum up, the next time you go looking for an escort, prefer someone who is not only pretty but also has formidable communication skills and a lively sense of humor. So, before entering into the adult industry, make sure that you have some extra quality as well.


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Arnavi Roy

Finding Chennai escorts from a reputable agency is not always the easiest things to do in the world. Thankfully, there exists this short guide, which provides you with a quick rundown of the essential rules of the trade. If you are going to connect with an escort agency from Chennai for the first time, read these rules. It will go a long way to make your appointment more fulfilling.

Never Force an Issue

Never ever force the escort into providing you a service that she is not comfortable with. And once the infamous “NO” comes out, you should give up all attempts at trying. Many agencies will give you a list of sex acts which are prohibited. Read that list carefully. Forcing an act on to the unwilling female can land you in some big trouble. You might have to face some legal issues.

Surprises aren't always Good

Surprises can make love life pleasant, but you are not here to live your entire life with a Chennai escort. Remember that you are paying a woman to spend quality time with you. This is a business transaction and both of you have certain expectations of each other. Never cross your boundaries. A surprise may leave her dumbfounded and confused, and may even spoil your session.

Getting Straight into the Act is not always Pleasant

Calm down! You may be bursting with excitement, but do not let it on display. Some clients want to jump straight into the act, which does not please the escort and even leaves them unsatisfied. A practical strategy is to spend some time on foreplay. Converse with her, share things about you, ask her about herself before getting on with the kinky stuff. You should always keep in mind that never gets too personal to your escort.

Don’t do anything Illegal

Respect the Chennai law and the rules of the agency, whose Nungambakkam escorts you are paying to spend time with you. Just because she is an escort does not mean she will play to be your drug mule or partake in other illegal activities. Refrain from such activities altogether. It will be good for you.Keep this mind that a “no” is a “no,” surprises are not always pleasant, foreplay is necessary and escorts are not your partners in illegal activities to make your first trip to an escort’s really awesome.

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High profile agency

Every society creates some rules that apply to each of its members. The rules are necessary for the smooth functioning of the society and the peace and prosperity of the people who inhabit it. The world of escorts is not an exception. The business has its own set of customs, which every client should know. There are no regulations about these rules, but to be the favorite or regular client, you should follow these basic rules.

Treat them with respect

Being a companion is not easy, so you should always take care not to be too rude or imposing. You must never forget that the women serving you are human. Although women appreciate gallantry and are usually prepared go the extra mile to please you, asking too much from them is unethical and goes against the code of ethics of their work. So, just respect your Chennai escort girl.

Maintain the Professionalism

No one expects you to befriend the women you are paying to spend time with, but you can at least be professional. For instance, when you are sending her a message, make it seem as if you were writing to a friend. It is good to remember that the women are not there only to satiate your carnal desires, but to provide a complete companionship package and they deserve a professional treatment for that.

Be Clear over Appointment

Escorts rarely divulge details of the exact location of the meeting just before the appointment, and when they do—for obvious reasons—they explain things in metaphor. As a client, you are expected to know the lingo. And if you do not, always ask for clarifications. There could not be a worse thing than ruining your appointment because of a small misunderstanding.

Treat Ladies like Unique Human Beings

Every one of us is unique. Just because someone sells her companionship for a living does not give you the right to snatch her uniqueness from her. Treat your KK Nagar escort as you would any other lady.You should respect and admire her uniqueness. Do not let stereotypes beguile you. These female escorts are some of the most intelligent people you will find in Chennai.It is easier to associate yourself with beautiful women and enjoy their companionship if you respect the, admire their individuality, understand their language, and behave professionally to them. It is very easy to enjoy with these babes if you follow these simple rules.

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Bhavini Datta

The topic of sexuality and the science of mating is one thing that can never be ignored. This is a daily part of our lives and one act of life that is introduced to our children’s curriculum at a very young age.

Depending on the age of the learner, the information delivered differs a lot. One might be trained on how to abstain from sexual activities and the dangers of being sexually active. And a few years later, they will be taught on how to become a pro in the art of mating.

The angle to topic will take depends on a number of things some of which are:

· Age

For children between the ages of ten to twenty years in many parts of the world, the topic will majorly be on abstinence. They can as well be taught on the dangers of being sexually active. When these children go beyond the age of twenty, the topic will then change. The guardian will now major on education them on topics like; being faithful to one partner, how to have safe sex and so on.

· Community beliefs and traditions

The beliefs of different communities also matter a lot when it comes to tackling the topic of mating and sexuality. This is because, for some community, children between the ages of ten to twenty years are referred to minors.

According to such communities, a minor is taught on how to maintain their purity by staying away from sexual activities. At the same age, some parents even find it hard to discuss this topic with their children as it seems like they are too young to understand.

According to such communities, a minor is taught on how to maintain their purity by staying away from sexual activities. At the same age, some parents even find it hard to discuss this topic with their children as it seems like they are too young to understand.

· The aim 

The last point is the reason as to why one is getting involved in the sexual act in the first place. According to many female Independent escorts Chennai who are hired for sexual purposes, the reasons behind their clients hiring them are very different.

Some clients hire escorts to prove themselves, others hire them to improve their art of mating. The last bunch is for clients who hire escorts to satisfy their sexual starvation from their spouses or girlfriends. 

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Soniya Ayer

Authenticity is a virtue that is highly valued. Nobody likes dealing with a phony or false people at any single minute whether friends or colleagues. People’s authenticity is normally judged by their commitment and passion in what they do.

However, the one dollar question is; what is authenticity? Being authentic is standing and defending what one believes in it can also be defined speaking the truth just as it is no matter how hard or painful it is.

People are authentic (passionate of and committed to) about lots of things depending most on someone’s religion and upbringing. Another determining factor to the company one keeps and their lifestyle.

Although it is not possible to really judge the authenticity of an escort, but a number of dates with one can exactly tell you the kind of person you are dealing with. There are very many female escorts who are authentic to their career and will do anything just to ensure their clients have gotten all their needs met while there are those who are just in this industry to make money and make their ends meet.

Knowing exactly who is committed and passionate about their lives and career but there are a few characters which they have in common which are:

1.They are thoughtful

Working as an escort in Chennai is not an easy task and once in a while, they meet with people who have a lot to deal with. Others may also have a wrong attitude about these girls and may end up being very rude with them. For a girl who is not thoughtful she will either fight back or create a show.

However, for girls who are passionate about what they do, they handle the situation wisely and if the client becomes uncontrollably, they walk out of the scene wisely.

2.They understand their motivations

The success of any career understands what your main motive in life is. If you are in this industry to make ends meet and earn easy money, you will definitely have no commitment and passion about what you do.

When you meet with a Chennai escort Models whose motive is to serve people and have a fully satisfied client, the services you get from them will be fun and fulfilling. It is therefore very important for escort agents to vet their girls before they hire them to ensure they deal with girls who know what they have been called to do. 

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Soniya Ayer

One of the successes of any business is good advertisement skills. When you use the right procedure to advertise your services, you add value to your business and sell it to people who would have never heard of it if you had not advertised it.

There are so many ways of advertising one’s business depending on what you are dealing with. For those who are dealing with products, they can use the “buy one get one free” technique. In this technique, every product you sell should have an extra one at the side.

When it comes to service provision, you can use the free trials to their clients where a client is promised to get an extra service for every client they bring. Others especially those working in the medical field sometimes organize medical camps where they treat people for free just to sell themselves to that particular society.

1. Self presentation

All the above techniques can however not apply in the Chennai escort industry. This is because; no one would ever be ready to offer free services to their clients. However, there are a number of ways that perfectly fits them. These include;

When it comes to escorts, their tool of trade is their beauty and services they offer to their clients. For this reason, any wrong move they make is enough to kill their career for good. On the other hand, any right move they make qualifies them for a better position.

Although there are not intense interview done to girls intending to join different escort agents, one thing that is a must is good personal presentation. The fact that escorts deals with people from all walks of life demands they be confident, sharp and focused people. As they say, confident people are beautiful and attractive even without physical beauty.

2. Good profile

As we mentioned before, escorts’ tool of trade is their beauty and the services they offer to their clients. For this reason, they have to ensure they create a great and attractive profile that will place them above their competitors.

A well done profile means more clients and the more clients you get the higher the chances of independence. There are a number of clients who get to the Chennai escort service industry with a purpose of getting someone they can spend their time with every time they need someone to talk to. Therefore, when you meet two or three of such clients, you will be sure of your success in this industry.

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