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Cole Pratcher

With so many casinos available nowadays, it's not simple to decide on the most playable ones.

Nearly all casino sites are showing polished, state-of-art designs and promise you the most honest gambling online.
Well ... too good to be true, right? Yes, that's why it is important to search online and notice some opinions.
We've collected our list of TOP casinos.
What are the top aspects we examine and observe, when evaluating casinos?

Waiting time for documents verification It will be so terribly annoying, when casinos are attempting to delay your payout by requiring a lot of verification documents.
Not just that - many of them use tricks, like "not all 4 corners are visible on utility bill" or "the photo is not clear enough" or "you need to hold your ID in hand and take a selfie".
The list of such demands is endless and every one casinos using these techniques do not have a slight chance to enter our PRIME list.
The solely reason for these actions is to convince you to reverse your payout. Some even offer bonuses, if you do this.
And it (sadly) happens many times, as they will delay it up to 14 days and players principally lose their nerves within the meantime.

Payout speed Waiting for your winnings will be the most annoying issue, that is why it's our #1 ranking issue.

No-deposit bonuses Sadly, lately, virtually all free bonuses are heavily restricted to payouts of $€20, $€50 or $€100.
There are some exceptions and these casinos get better grades in this aspect, if the withdrawable winnings are set to €200 or above. Or even unlimited

Deposit Bonuses Not only the size of welcome and other bonuses, we tend to particularly attempt to check the "fine print".
Be very careful when it comes to "highest bet allowed". They can deny your winnings if you go higher than it, when playing with bonuses.
Next, we check "wagering requirements". Anything above 40x is too high, you better earch for alternative places to play.
And of course, how much you can cash-out. Several casinos have limits, however not all. Search for the ones with unlimited choices.


Stability of playing Not all casinos supply nice playing time - some have frequent disturbances, like disconnecting from games.
Although, you'll not lose your winnings, it can be unpleasant, when you have to load a game again each few minutes.

Honest playing experience We tend to check in our TopTen list, if games are playable enough, if the winning percentage is high enough.
Essentially, checking if gamblers have a fair probability of winnings.