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Love and passion are two attributes experienced in the escort industry. For a long time, people have confused the two or have used one for the other. However, there is a little difference between the two words.

Before we list the difference between the two and how each contributes to the success of an escort in Chennai, here is a simple definition of each word. Love can be defined as a deep and caring affection towards someone. It can also be defined as an intense attraction towards someone.

Love involves trust and security in a relationship or towards a deity or an individual. At the same time, it can be defined as a feeling of mercy and care towards people or human beings in general. Love cannot be measured or weighed and its intensity is undefined.

On the other hand, passion can be defined as any great, strong and powerful emotion of either love or hate. It is simply a romantic interest in something or in someone. It is also susceptibility of impressions and pressure of external agents.

Passion can also be defined as a temporary phase of total ecstasy and euphoria. Although our wish is that passion would last forever unfortunately it has an expiry date which might either come sooner than expected or might last longer depending on its driving force?

Effects of love and passion in the escort industry

As we well know, there are very many reasons that an escort joins this field. For some, it is solely for the money they earn in the industry and hence, once they get enough, they easily walk out. For others, they were motivated by a particular thing and decided to join the field for that. When they realized this was not to last forever, they walked out and joined a different field.

However, there is a small percentage that joined the field out of the love they felt for the industry. The best bunch of girls to deal with is probably these. This is because, no matter what happens, they will never walk out on you.

Girls who become Chennai escorts for other reasons other than love are very sensitive and impatient. A single bad encounter with a client is an enough reason to walk out without giving it a second thought. On the other hand, those who became escorts out of love for the industry don’t easily give up no matter how tough things are. 

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