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Spotify: What are you familiar with? You've probably heard of Spotify through word of mouth and/or on a forum. If you are not already familiar with the details... It is a program you can download for your PC, or your mobile device. You can stream your favorite songs for free. But what is the catch? It is impossible to keep the music playing and there are advertisements at specific times. They have to make money. It can be annoying when they interrupt the music or start an advert. spotify monatliche hörer

This doesn't take away from the fact that this was a really good idea. You can search for any artist and album you desire and start playing immediately. This is great for parties, as it saves you time and money if you play music in your home.

Another feature that I like is the possibility to search within certain decades to find all the tracks for that decade. I.e. the 80's would have bands such as Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams. It was surprising how many artists were available for me to search. This is great if you don't plan to purchase the album, as you can either listen to the music before you buy it or simply enjoy the music in your home and save money. monatliche hörer spotify

It seems that they are constantly updating it with new features, such as recommended music and artists based on the genres you listen to. A minor problem is that the advert cannot be muted or turned down. It stops when the sound is resumed. Make sure to connect it to speakers so you can play Spotify music.