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AllenHolden1 Jan 22 '18
After he attaches sensors to my ankles, shins, and knees, a technician at Brooks, the Seattle running shoe maker, asks me to do a series of knee bends and run a few steps on a treadmill equipped with a camera. The device will capture my motion with the goal of recording the biomechanics of how I run. It will analyze how far my knees point away from each other and how the swing of my hips affects my knees.adidas running shoes A running fanatic, I am intrigued that a machine could know my gait better than I do.This biomechanical assessment, part of a service and philosophy that Brooks calls Run Signature, has long been in use by the company to help guide its customers to the best-fitting shoe in its arsenal.

Now Brooks, the top brand in specialty running with 25% of the shoe market, according to the NPD Group, wants to take that a step further.adidas superstar black The company is working with tech stalwart HP to marry a runner’s gait information with a three-dimensional foot scan generated by HP’s new FitStation device. HP’s technology can measure pressure along the foot as it lands in each stride. The data help Brooks determine how much polyurethane to inject in a shoe’s sole to achieve the right density for as many as 30 zones of your foot.

In 1996, inventor Frampton Ellis came to Adidas with a radical new way to make the soles of its sneakers. Squared-off edges, he argued, were a driving force behind rolled ankles, and should be replaced by wider, rounded soles that would provide more stability for athletes.adidas superstar womens Adidas agreed and shortly thereafter introduced Feet You Wear, their name for the new sole unit. Adidas went on to use these bulky, rounded soles on everything from the Forty Low Trainer to the Salvation Running Shoe. Even Kobe Bryant's signature Adidas kicks, the Adidas KB8 III, featured Feet You Wear tech. But FYW went dormant for a while—until now.

The next phase of the adidas Futurecraft series was unveiled in October with the launch of the adidas Made For London (AM4LDN) shoe.adidas superstar mens Built in the company's Speedfactory in Germany, it was the facility’s first major project launch. Adidas released an extremely limited run of the adidas Futurecraft M.F.G. (Made for Germany) last year, and you can see a lot of its influence in the AM4LDN.Adidas worked in conjunction with runners in London to create the AM4LDN. The intent was to design a shoe built for the culture of commuter runners in the city. Many runners in London often commute to and from work early in the morning or later in the evening, so the idea was to have a shoe that was easily visible in low-light conditions and able to withstand rainy conditions.