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Sinuos Jul 16 '18

All three of them Yeezy Boost Outlet were seventeenyearold white girls who got into a lot of fistfights, dealt pot, and dated gangbangers. Usually when they asked me to let them run away I'd change the subject. But on that morning, as the girls overplucked their eyebrows and pleaded with me to set them free, I felt sad for them. The only thing they looked forward to was filling paper cups with mouthwash, shooting it back as though it were bourbon, then pretending they were drunk. They were never allowed outside, and their lunches and dinners consisted of microwavable pasta dishes high in fat. As a result, they had acne and their clothes were too tight. I didn't get their shoes from the closet, which seemed too calculated. But I did let them run away. Standing by the door, I watched them laugh and scream in disbelief, grasping for one another's hands, their bare feet skipping across the parking lot's blacktop. Fifteen minutes later I called the cops. Two days later I was fired.

Importantly, our proposal would preserve the fun of Yeezy Boost Sale doing exploratory science. In this new system, the costs of poor science (for example, being seduced by a rogue finding or being too cavalier in experimental design) are borne by the initial researchers. If they cut corners, cherrypick data or eschew blinding in their experiments, they harm their chances of their hypothesis surviving the rigorous testing proposed in a preclinical trial. We predict that data fraud would decrease as well, because the need for every experiment to reach an arbitrary statistical threshold would be rendered moot. Reviewers would focus on statistics in the confirmatory study. For graduate students and postdocs, coveted publications would depend less on particular results in early experiments, and more on the strength of their overall hypotheses. Eventually, the incentive system would subtly shift to reward greater confidence and caution in conclusions: researchers would be rewarded more for the marathon than for the sprint.

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