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Rslimm Sep 5 '18

If opening paragraph does not make sense and seems purely bizarre that is because the situation is Runescape gold bizarre. Polygon explains that due to the collapse of Venezuela's economy, inflation has skyrocketed, food is now tough to get a hold of, and fundamental survival has become exceedingly hard for some people in the nation. Some people have resorted to a unorthodox means of making cash, like farming dragons in Runescape.

There were guides supporting Venezuelans farming for gold at Runescape by killing dragons and then promoting the gold at a markup for actual cash. This modest gray market tactic is Buy Rs gold often called gold farming. It has been around for ages and generally big Chinese mafioso type businesses have experienced the gold farming market cornered.

Well, regulars out of Runescape that are not out of Venezuela took umbrage with all the gold farmers in the South American country and over on the sub-Reddit to get Jagex's match, a manual was made on how to aim and kill Venezuelan players as a type of punishment.

The neighborhood set about rs grade organizing raids and kill parties, especially targeting Venezuelan players.

The main difficulty being, that simply targeting a Venezuelan player does not mean you're targeting a gold farmer.